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Historical Operation of Water Powered Mills in the State of Pennsylvania, and the Middle Atlantic States. Anson Brown saw even more potential in the Huron River when he bought and developed water rights along it in what was to become Lower Town in 1829-30.
These were more efficient and their position below the water allowed the mills to operate at lower river levels and even under icy conditions in winter. Some of the flouring mills were so successful that they not only provided flour for area residents, but also exported it to Eastern states and Europe.
For example, if they read a general account of the industrial revolution, they can consider how the mills on the Lamprey fit into the larger picture.

The early Ann Arbor dams were not the large constructions that you recognize today, nor were the earliest mills complicated structures. Engineer Gardner Stuart Williams drew up the blueprints below for the Barton Power Plant in 1911.
The milling industry prospered along the banks of the Huron until the early 1900s, when the plains states began to dominate the agricultural market due to new technology and cheaper transportation.
The mills flourished in the mid to late nineteenth century, turning the local agricultural products from the numerous area farms into consumer goods. Changes in manufacturing and the local economy called for the harnessing of the river's power to produce electricity for the growing demand.

The hydroelectric power plants were successful for several years, but by 1927 Detroit Edison had built only six of the nine dams originally planned.
You might arrange to tour the Newmarket mills (and perhaps the National Historic Park in Lowell, MA).
Interested students can research the mechanics of various waterwheels and turbines (see diagrams) and might even construct a model.

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