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This is a commercial project we provided a considerable number of balanced and sequenced plain sliced Maple wall and facade panels. Teragren's Xcora® strand bamboo panels and veneer are ideal for any interior use where hardwood may traditionally be used, including cabinetry, reception areas, wall treatments, furniture and more.
The panel system actually covers both walls of the stairwell and spills out into an alluvial hallway with art niches on either side.
Our Xcora strand panels and veneer machine nicely, finish cleanly and offer a selection of colors along with a hardwood look-alike grain pattern that make these products a preferred substitute to hardwood plywood for increased durability, a unique and refined look, and low environmental impact. This was a fairly difficult task to accomplish for both Wood River Veneer and the installing shop. Angstrom major power angstrom gruelling wood to a fault iodin vernacular free bookcase plans. Like an ex-boyfriend who returns to you after getting in shape and cleaning up his act, wood paneling is back and better than ever. Once a popular choice for interior walls, wood paneling was banished long ago along with avocado bath tubs and orange shag carpet.
Originally popular throughout 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s for its inexpensive price and simple installation, wood paneling rapidly became so popular it was found just about everywhere. Fiberboard Panels:  Like the cheap ones people walled their basements and attics with, these are an engineered wood substrate with the wood design printed or glued onto it. Veneer Wood Panels are made with a thin layer of wood adhered to the surface of plywood or particle board. Iconic Panels, like the reclaimed wood veneer ones below from B&N Industries, display intricate patterns that are truly eye catching.
Reclaimed Solid Wood Panels take wood from demolished buildings, old gymnasiums, ripped up flooring, and more.

Decorative Panels International makes green wall panels in modern and old-fashioned styles—in case you miss the old attic look—and they avoid using toxic ingredients and formaldehyde like many others producers use. B&N Industries offers high-end iconic panels, infused veneer panels, reclaimed wood iconic panels. Wood paneling may be back, but it’s still in its infancy and best used in moderation. Reclaimed wood wall panels are often used to warm a room and give the area a luxurious feel.
Wood veneers consist of a thin layer of wood pressed on top of an inexpensive filler material, such as plywood or particleboard. Today’s furniture, especially cabinetry, is often made from a combination of wood veneers and solid wood. Reclaimed wood paneling is great for a number of projects, including wall paneling, cabinetry and even doors. Most commonly we fabricate sequenced wall, ceiling and cabinet panels for homes, guest houses, hotels, law and CEO offices, lobbies, elevators, libraries and a host of other needs our customers may have.
During that time we cut to size, center balanced and sequence matched many quarter figured Cherry panels for wall applications and cabinetry. We fabricated sequenced Claro Walnut panels for wainscoat, pilasters and several other applications in this theater.
During its years wandering the home decor wilderness, wood paneling reinvented itself as something both retro and modern. A fraction of the cost of real wood boards, but more than fiberboard panels, they usually have the appearance of real wood boards or else a repeating pattern like in the image below. What many people don’t realize, however, is that wood paneling can be used for many other things besides covering up the walls.

Using 4×8 veneer architectural panels to make cabinetry and other furniture allows craftsmen to keep construction costs down. Solid wood can warp as humidity levels change, whereas 4×8 veneer architectural panels are much more stable and less prone to warping. Wood veneer panels require less virgin wood than solid boards – especially if you choose reclaimed wood paneling.
Wood veneers are available variety of materials and thicknesses, including fire-rated cores.
In these rooms we fabricated quarter figured Maple for cabinetry, wall panels and flexible panels for the curved ceiling.
The finish is clear with no stain, so you are actually looking at the natural tone of the wood. Whether as an accent wall or simply to add a splash of texture and color, wood paneling has returned to take its rightful place in the home. For example, 4×8 veneer architectural panels are beloved by architects and cabinetmakers for use in cabinetry and casework.
The following is a look at the pros and cons of using reclaimed wood panels instead of solid wood.

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