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The other preconceived notion is that we must all live in the middle of a forest and that those trees we hug are abounding in every neighborhood.We realized just how untrue this was when we began searching for a “new” home 4 years ago and noticed that builders were leveling the beautiful trees to try and squeeze as many houses as possible into the newly developed areas.
So, in an effort to keep our children from plummeting down the hill every time they played outside AND to get some privacy along this side of the yard, we decided to put in a retaining wall and backfill the area. We decided to go for some deck privacy of the “instant” variety by adding this framed wood lattice! We put pots of jasmine on either end and have loved watching them wind their way around the lattice.

You may end up bringing the lattice and your tools up onto the deck with your son trailing behind ready to “help”. And then you won’t be able to look your lovely neighbors directly in the eye for the next 2 or 20 weeks. Our neighbor quit talking to us after we put up a privacy fence screen along our new patio area. Our house has a yard that is almost 99% private, of course the front yard is not, but our courtyard and backyard is pretty closed off.

I felt awkward putting up something for privacy on my deck but the neighbour seems to like it. I too have debated adding lattice to one side of our deck, but it’s about 25 ft off the gound and I hate the thought of my hubbs being up that high screwing something in.

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