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Join 40,000+ Machinists, Designers, Engineers, and Hobbyists!Get our latest blog posts delivered straight to your email inbox once a week for free. Precision inlay work and engraving is also found on custom guitars and is another great application for a VMC.
The spindle is oil free–last thing you want is any kind of oil contamination on the precious wood.
You may be wondering how the highest quality guitars can justify using a CNC machine instead of being 100% hand crafted.
Make sure the ballscrew and waycovers will provide adequate protection against the wood dust. To keep up, you may want to check into higher block per second processing options for your machine.

If tolerances are going to be tight, look for climate control in  your facility to help minimize shrinking and expansion in the wood you’ll be machining.
You might want to take a look at some Feeds and Speeds scenarios around wood in our G-Wizard Calculator to get an idea of where the sweet spots are for spindle rpm and feedrate. Precision:  Inlay and similar kinds of work require precision that is very costly in a CNC Router. Given a VMC, another difference will be a desire to use some of the specialized cutters made for CNC Routers. Hi All, I’ve used Mahogany wood to machine a prototype part to prove out tool paths prior to machining the actual aluminum part. The reason, besides fixturing, that they have different VMCs for tooling and production is that all the production machines are kept completely dry.

The beauty of wood is that you can program faster feeds and speeds, cutting down machining times, when making the prototype.
Well, they’re most commonly used in those applications, but they can be very successfully used to machine wood as well. Mahogany has a tight grain pattern, machines beautifully, and cost much less than ruining a thick piece of aluminum, should the tool paths that you programmed are unsatisfactory. Take Taylor Guitars, a world-class guitar manufacturer that uses Haas VMC’s to make the necks for their guitars.

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