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I looked at a lot of different headboards online and really like the beadboard with a crown cap. We drilled a hole through the 4x4 post, then used bolts to attach the frame to the headboard. Thank you for providing this useful project!I've recently redecorated my house and I built such a bed in order to put it in my bedroom.My mother bought me some colorful striped duvet covers and it looks great.
In the meantime, we built the bed frame and attached the nice boards to the outside and painted it as well.

Then we sprayed the entire bed with the left over Deft Clear Wood Finishing Spray from Rockler to give it a nice protective coating of varnish. Rayan from the Design Confidential (and another DIY gal) also has some bed tutorials-check her tutorials out as well.
I love, love, love, my purdy brush, best brush ever, and worth every penny, I would love to try this project for my queen size bed.
The beadboard headboard with a crown molding cap was our first official woodworking project.

That is the prettiest bed I think I’ve ever seen, and now my daughter NEEDS a new bed!
Place the 1x3 pieces at the right locations (so they lay flat on the floor and flush with the front of the posts) and then screw the pocket hole screws in.

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