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In general, residential roof truss design or building roof trusses are in most cases truss manufacturers' responsibility.
The truss diagram above can be made to fit truss span anywhere from 10 to 40+ feet, though there is no limit. Prefabricated roof trusses are the term that is commonly used by architects and engineers to specify wood trusses on construction plans.

Depending on the truss span and design requirements by architect, the joints spacing can vary widely, sometimes the joints are pre-positioned by designers in order to fit certain design requirements.If for example a clear space is required in order for a duct work or any type of equipment to pass thru uninterrupted, the truss joint spacing may have to be at certain location to accommodate such design requirement.
The other involvement of building designers with trusses are specifying the shapes and slope that’s end of the involvement of the building designers when it comes to trusses. Once the span and slope of the trusses are determined by the building designers, the truss manufacturer can then go to work and design the number of joints and size of materials to be used based on the roof live load and dead load.

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