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It took a few weeks for me to confirm the news, but now that all the players have been properly notified and the signs printed, I can now type this with authority: Both Toys N Joys stores -- the store in Kaimuki, as I noted in the September Ota-cool Incoming!
The bins at Toys n' Joys in Kaimuki are packed with video games — recent, vintage and imported. This is your chance (or maybe your parents' chance) to recycle those gently used toys, games, books, things you might have outgrown.

The other big event in town is the Pan-Pacific Festival Matsuri in Hawai'i, which has been promoting cross-cultural friendship for 25 years.
But at Toys n' Joys on this Saturday afternoon, the adults seem more befuddled than kids who basically rule the place. Besides cultural performances at Ala Moana Center and the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, there's the grand parade, 5-7 p.m.

Toys n' Joys carries everything from Totoro plushes and Zoids model kits to Kikaida action figures and anime DVDs.

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