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For anything larger than a small, informal reception, a wedding seating plan is likely to make a significant difference to the success of your reception.
In the UK, the Bride and Groom would traditionally sit in the middle of the wedding top table flanked by the Bride's parents, then the Groom's parents and finally by the Best Man and Chief Bridesmaid. Don't feel you need to stick with tradition though as there are plenty of alternative top table layouts you can use, including the US-style head table. Using a simple-to-use computer-based seating planner such as TopTablePlanner you'll be able to make major changes with a few clicks, and minor changes in much less time than it would take to draw it all out again by hand. The closest tables: No matter what type of seating plan arrangement you choose, always try to make sure that those tables closest to the Bride and Groom are reserved for your closest friends and family. Table names: To simplify people finding their table, why not give each table a number - or better still, a name.
It's always a good idea to visit the venue and ask them about the availability of tables, whether there are long tables, round, or both.
If you intend to draw a plan out on paper - make sure you have a huge pad, plenty of pencils and a lot of time!
Prominently displayed at your reception venue, your seating plan is likely to get a lot of attention from your guests.
If you fancy something a little bit different, how about a Periodic Table themed seating plan! Perfect for a couple with a science connection, each 'element' indicates an individual guest with colour coding used to show which table they are sitting at. If you've visited some interesting places together, a world map themed seating plan would be perfect!
A frame design seating plan makes a visually impressive feature at your wedding, whilst being easy to make. We've just shown a few ideas here so do visit our blog for lots more seating plan design inspiration!
For a second marriage you may wish to seat children of the first marriage on the top table.
If the parents of the bride or groom have divorced and remarried it probably isn't a good idea to put them and their new partners together on the top table. If the parents of the bride and groom are not in the wedding party they should be seated on the table nearest the top table.
It is becoming fashionable in some quarters to have the bride and groom at their own table (for example David and Victoria Beckham).

Some couples opt not to have a top table at all, but to have two free seats at each table so they can mingle during the meal. To help you decide your seating plan at the reception, here are a few tips and ideas for organizing your wedding top-table and your guests as well. Tradition dictates who are supposed to sit in the wedding top table and all of them should be seated facing the wedding guests. As you can see, the wedding table seating plan alternates male and female at the top table. There are also other alternative wedding table seating plan ideas in case of family conflicts or if you are trying to avoid conflicts at the top table. Many wedding guests are couples and it is important that they are seated together during the event.
These are just a few things that you can keep in mind when making your reception seat plan.
If you have short hair then choosing a bob hairstyle is perfect if you are going to attend a wedding.
When you are putting together the plans for your wedding reception, one of the first things to get organised, planned and booked should be the venue for your wedding reception. In many cases it is helpful to abandon the restrictions which tend to come with top table plans.
On the other hand, seating people on tables where they know no one might not be a good idea either. Use design ideas from your colour scheme or theme if you have one and perhaps try and match the look of your other wedding stationery.
One solution is to invite some family of the step-parent and put them together on a separate table near the top table. This is a nice idea, but it does mean that two guests at each table will be seated next to empty seats for much of the reception.
A wedding top table seating plan is something that you should not forget when planning your wedding reception. Especially if you have a large number, it’s important that you have them seated at the correct table.
Families and acquaintances also have to be grouped together, to make them comfortable during the reception and of course, it will allow them to have fun as well. To organize your guests during the wedding reception, make sure you consider the wedding seating plan etiquette – it is courteous to put friends, co-workers and acquaintances together as this will facilitate a good flow of conversation.

Wedding venues will be dictated by the budget available and the number of guests invited to attend. Certainly don't wait for all of your RSVPs to come in or you'll end up having a huge rush to try to organise the whole seating plan at the last moment. Knowing what's available, and having a general idea about possible seating plans will allow you to start thinking about your own plan. Simply frame a map of the world and pin a luggage label to it for each table, each one being named after place you have visited. The seating plan is frozen inside special slow melting ice which should remain looking stunning for around 6 to 8 hours.
For example, they sit at Table #4 and act as head of the table – just make sure each table has someone in-charge. As The Ivor Preece Centre has a civil wedding license then holding your wedding here simplifies the transportation requirements.
Then you need to think about wedding outfits probably suits for the boys and gowns for the girls, planned the bridesmaids, ushers, flowers, rings, this is without selecting the menus, drinks and canapes. If your seating plan has named tables, this immediately removes the problem of having a perceived hierarchy.
You'll know about your close friends and family, so start working out a seating plan as soon as possible.
Save time, spare yourself a headache and reduce waste paper - use a more dynamic solution such as Excel, or an online wedding seating planner such as TopTablePlanner.
Well, you could have them host one of the main tables, near or next to the top table – make them feel involved with your wedding.
We encourage couples to come and view the centre and have a chat with our event’s organiser, as we feel that your wedding reception is such an important decision.
Are you going to personalise your vows, who is going to be in your wedding reception receiving line, who is going to sit where, do you have to give a speech, what will you say.
If they are not sitting at the head table then the parents of the bride or groom are always seated at the table closest to the top table.

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