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Chisel with a beveled point used in engraving to achieve subtleties of line; it was once used on copper but is now used mainly on wood. Most other suppliers of woodcarving tools are not woodcarvers themselves, so you run the risk of receiving dull tools with bevels that are too short and distorted. These seven tools are what Nora considers to be the bare essentials necessary for woodcarving. Please do not hesitate to call us at (303) 271-3859 regarding any and all questions about tools, videos, carving projects, wood types, classes, etc. Hatchet used to rough out a piece; it has a hook or a flat nose perpendicular to the handle.

Hand tool made up of a metal blade whose tooth-covered surface can quickly rough out wood, metal or plastic. Nora's tools arrive at your home razor sharp with the bevels shaped to Nora's exact specifications. Video 1, The Basics of European Woodcarving, demonstrates proper tool sharpening techniques.
Now available in the US, these tools are enjoyed by professionals and enthusiastic carvers world-wide! You can begin carving immediately.Nora's students are always amazed by how easy and enjoyable her tools are to use.

They make all the difference.If you have any questions concerning these or any other tool brands, call us at (303) 271-3859 and we'll be glad to answer them.

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