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5.) Simply, repeat the procedure of moving the table saw fence in alongside the edge opposite of the cut after every rip is made. At this point it is just a matter of taking a practice cut to check the accuracy of the thickness of the ripping with a digital or dial caliper.
The Rockler Thin Rip Tablesaw Jig has been in my woodworking shop for over 3 years and is still going strong.
I have been using my veneer guide on my table saw only and I cut my pieces a little thicker then what I want and then mount them on a piece of scrap and run them thru the drum sander to remove the saw marks and to make sure that they are of a even thichness.
The Donek Tools Drag Knife can be used to cut almost anything you would cut with a utility knife, but with the speed and precision of a CNC router. We have extensive detailed information on the capabilities of these tools and how to used them on the other pages of this site. Wood veneer is a thin layer of wood that is usually applied over another material (called a substrate). The thinnest veneers will be used in manufactured inexpensive furniture, whereas the thicker veneers will be used by woodworkers to make higher grade custom furniture pieces. More expensive woods such as mahagony or wood burls will be sliced into veneers and used in higher end custom made furniture.

Common wood such as oak, maple, birch, or cherry will be cut into veneers to be incorporated into commercial manufactured furniture. Many viewers have seen it on my band saw during recent woodworking videos and they have asked me about it in their emails. The tools were designed to use a utility knife blade (though a specific type) which dramatically reduces the cost of consumable blades.
Whether you want to perform delicate veneer inlay work or cut out cardboard boxes with your CNC router, Donek Tools has a tool right for the job. Getting the most out of expensive wood is still one of the most common reasons to make veneers to this day, although there are other applications of slicing wood into thin sheets, such as glueing veneers together to make plywood. There are many different ways to cut wood to make veneer, and each way will yield a different grain pattern. While the name of the tool implies that it is to be used on the table saw, it has also found a lot of time on the bandsaw cutting thin strips of wood inlay bandings.
The origin of slicing thin sheets of wood into veneers was to conserve the more precious woods. The metal ruler I use is convenient to use because it is 1" wide.Here you see a piece of veneer in the jig, being held down by the ruler and clamps.

Once you have it clamped down, just run the knife down the edge of the ruler, cutting the veneer into 1" strips. NOTE: This is the same for vinyl flooring, but you may have to use a stronger knife, like a box cutter. Once you have cut the vinyl into 1" strips, you can then cut the strips into 1" tiles.This photo shows how I did the floor in my gazebo using the wood veneer strips. Just make sure you roll the flooring flat once you have laid it in place, and keep a weight on it until it drys.Wood veneer come in a variety of colors, so you can make any pattern you like with the strips. When dry, hand-sand with 150 grit sandpaper, then stain & clearcoat.On this floor, I used dark walnut veneer. Don't ever try to take the tile up to change it, because you will damage the floor trying to get it up!What finally worked best for me was to lay a piece of newspaper in the room and use an Xacto knife to cut around the edges. You can even cut it in half or into smaller sections if you have hard to reach places.This is just an example of some of the layouts you can create using vinyl flooring tiles.

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