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These unique manufacturing techniques along with the use of Swedish Silicon steel and the highest quality alloys set these blades apart from all other wood and metal cutting blades. We at Suffolk Machinery are proud to introduce a Carbide Tipped woodcutting blade that has earned the Timber Wolf name. Timber Wolf resaw bandsaw blades are made from silicon steel which is makes it very durable.
Resaw King by Laguna Tools is made from C4 carbide teeth, making it the ideal blade for cutting smooth and thin veneers.
Olson Saw Blades is one of the best resaw bandsaw blades today because it can be used for professional, commercial and personal resawing.

Bosch Heavy Duty Stationary Band Saw Blade is almost the same as the Olsen saw blades when it comes to professional and personal use. This is because when cutting thick wood, the sawdust get stuck on the teeth and forces the blade to move in either side of the wood. It can last for several years and definitely lasts longer than ordinary carbon made steel blades.
The blades are designed as heavy duty blades that it can cut soft and hard wood, plastic, steel and other non-ferrous metals.
The blade is highly durable and resists blade fatigue better than other blades because of its flexible carbon steel back.

Feeding is easy but when using Olson blades, it is important to have the right size blade otherwise it will not work as fast and as smooth as it should. One thing that makes it one of the best blades is that it is very sharp and can easily cut through hard wood without any problem. We also use a superior blade body alloy that dramatically increases flex life over other standard carbide blades.

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