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This page will hopefully provide a quick, easy and useful introductory guide to Planning requirements for your SolidLox Buildings. Your project lies within an area where planning permission is required for an agricultural building. Please refer to the floor plan and elevations below for dimensions of our oak 'style' garages.
Any outbuilding sited inside the curtilage of a listed building will require planning permission. This means you will not need to apply for planning permission for a garage unless Conservation Area, or Listed Building orders affect your property.

Our luxury garage kits are available with 3 different roofing styles: Barn-end, Hipped and Gabled-end.
The answer is that the timber frame system has been engineered to except nearly all types including heavy clay and pan tiles. Simply send us your plans or draw a sketch with dimensions and we can provide you with a price.  You can send your drawings to us either by post, fax or email. Your planners may also want you to set the building back from the front of any existing building so that it won’t be over dominant, or affect any other considerations, especially the visual aspects of your property.
In the UK, planning cannot be regarded as an exact science for which some pre-prescribed formula will yield known results.

To call it a garage really doesn't do it justice, as our neighbours have already pointed out. Here, each and every planning requirement has to be assessed individually and on its own merits.

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