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Perhaps one of the quickest ways to surface a board is to feed it through a thickness planer which removes material from the top. Unlike the jointer and thickness planer, hand-held surfacing tools have no capacity limits (but to require more skill and stamina). When I am faced with a lot of material that needs to be removed, especially over a large area, I start with my power planer. After having done the preliminary flattening with the power planer, I use hand planes to refine the surface, removing any ridges or tearout. To get the second face parallel, if required, I use a cutting gauge or combination square with a pencil to mark the desired thickness on the edges.
This entry was posted in Hand Planes and Spokeshaves, Jointer & Planer, Working Smarter (Not Harder) and tagged hand tools, jointer, machinery, plane, planer, slabs, surfacing, thickness planer, tools by Chris Wong. Note: an 24 inch planer would work nicely to get the two sides perfectly parallel after flattening the bottoms with the power plane and hand planners.

These are Two head Planners one top and one on the bottom with depth of cut controlled by a computer so YES the joint and plane in one pass giving a “perfectly parallel dead flat surface.
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