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Someone told me that in issue 1 or 2 there was an idea to build a router jig for use with a lathe that had the router on a pivot coming down on top of the piece and arced down on top and slid down the bed way. Pap12 writes: I've already pre ordered this DVD, but it will sure make a great gift for a woodworking friend.
JonathanSouster writes: The DVD drive has actually packed up on my laptop but, if I win, it'll be worth buying a whole new machine just to access all that wisdom and info.

And then you can read the article on the computer, print it out, save it to your favorites, or find your copy of the magazine and read the hard copy. But now I am back working but at half the salary I was making, so magazines have to get in the priority que behind a lot of other necessities..

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