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We will be adding papers and links here to help you explore the teardrop trailer movement. There was a thread on here that had a bunch of auto cad files, ansen pedals and teardrop included, I saved the files on my old machine, but alas, they are gone now.
If I had let my obsession get the best of me and I had no one else in my life to consider but myself, I would be building the Trailer for Two right now.

It’s also the favorite of most of the people who have built their own teardrops, so far better builders have figured out how to make it using a pre-fab Harbor Freight Trailer. I actually looked at the trailer at my local Harbor Freight store, but Mike told me in no uncertain terms that I was welcome to build a teardrop trailer, but he would never sleep in one.
The wife and I are wanting to build a trailer to use on vacations and a place to sleep when hitting multi day car functions.

Looks like I have a winter project and I will have a place to crash when I piss off the wife!!

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