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The client, who grew up in Japan, wanted her home to be a soothing, quiet space where she can meditate and host traditional tea ceremonies. Many popular tiny-home designs feature a loft bed accessible only by ladder, but this can be impractical if you hope to age in place.
Last month it was pub sheds sweeping the Internet, but this week it’s all about “she sheds.” As I watched the lady lairs pop up on my Facebook news feed this week, I thought about all the great backyard sanctuaries women have carved out for themselves that we’ve toured over the years. Foster’s shed serves as a spot where she can get some quiet, groom her dogs, shoot photos, read, write and more.
Artist Michelle Stitz converted the garden shed in her Santa Cruz, California, backyard into a space where she can hide out and take a nap, work creatively and host overnight guests.
Courtney Hamill and her husband, Jim Crozier, spent three months kicking critters out of their backyard shed and transforming it into a 200-square-foot studio so that she could have a place to pursue turning her passion for ceramics into full-time work. Across the pond, another ceramic artist found the place for her creative space in her South London backyard. This little teahouse in Laguna Niguel, California, helps nurse and homeowner Petra Wirsching catch up on her sleep. This beautiful Japanese teahouse and its roji garden are part of a larger 3-acre experiential and mystical landscape in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. If you are interested in a teahouse of your own, Drobnick will help you infuse it with your own special meaning. Lyndaker enjoyed hunting for items for the shed just as much as she now enjoys them in the shed.

Designer Terri Winans keeps the decor in the shed constantly rotating to inspire customers, setting up potting benches, gift wrapping stations, collection displays, workspace for putting together holiday decorations and more. The playhouse was constructed so that it can fit on the back of a semi truck and travel with Birdie someday when she has a house and child of her own.
Miller split the space into a private bathroom and an open kitchen and tea ceremony room with a lofted sleeping space.
Also, if you have close relatives or friends who you hope will visit or house sit for you, consider whether they will be able to access your entire home. Bob Krekelberg built it for his wife, Anne, and they shared it on one of my favorite Houzz Calls of all time, Annie Thornton’s for backyard sheds built with love. She often works early-morning hours and has a different sleep schedule than the rest of her household. She will also place it and the surrounding gardens on the site in a way that keeps the spiritual energy of the place intact.
Homeowner Emma Lyndaker knew the 8- by 14-foot grain storage shed on her Plain City, Ohio, property could be the ultimate hideout. I feel quite confident that young lady Birdie’s playhouse will make her a lifelong she-shedder. The kitchen sits between the bathroom and the tearoom, which allowed him to stack functions and reduce plumbing costs.Design ideas for an asian kitchen in Portland with a drop-in sink and wood countertops. It can be a potting shed, an art studio, a treehouse, a converted playhouse, a cottage, a greenhouse, a camper, a converted chicken coop — basically any sort of detached outbuilding.

Tucked next to a stream in the Catskills, New York, the shed has a Shabby Chic–style charm that stirred something in so many of us. Used for potting and storing plants, and tending to seeds and cuttings, the shed gets plenty of love, due in part to the vintage glass plates that serve as windows. The teahouse is a great spot for escaping any disturbances and catching a much-needed afternoon nap after a long shift. With some help from her husband, Art, she moved the shed across the property to enjoy the best views, took down some interior walls, refinished the floors and gave the whole thing a big power wash.
Let’s face it, this 55-square-foot structure is a she shed for her mother as well — it’s a place where they can spend quality mother-daughter time.
Located in Kent, Ohio, the classical structure was constructed in a style inspired by the architecture of the main house, Beatrix Potter and MacKenzie-Childs, and is set up for reading, having tea parties, playing and having sleepovers. Its primary purpose is to serve as an escape from the noise, the projects and the other distractions in the house. Sunlight, candlelight and perhaps a garden hose provide all of the technology the basic she shed needs.

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