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TAPESTRY LOOMSAlso called frame looms, these are extremely easy to warp and weave: no need for a warping board, just stretch the warp yarn from top to bottom back and forth across the loom. The Schacht Portable Tapestry Loom is ideal for introducing students to the ancient craft of tapestry. A comprehensive book on handweaving in general which draws on the Swedish handweaving tradition, looms, charts, diagrams, weave composition patterns, technical drawings.

From the Industrial Age to the Information Age, connecting the loom to thefirst proper computer. This means of course that your weaving is limited not just by the width of the loom (which is the case with any loom, small or large) but also by the length (or height) of the loom. Continuous warping allows a 60" long warp to be put directly on the loom without other warping tools.

In this video we'll show you a variety of Schacht Spindle looms available at Blick Art Materials.

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