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Table saws are great tools for DIYers, but are capable of causing a lot of damage if you're not careful. If you're a safety-conscious professional who always knows where your hands are in relation to a saw blade you may not need these helpers, but if you're forgetful or only occasionally use power tools, the push sticks might be a great safety tool for you.
Push stick is a safety device that helps you to control movement of working piece when operate on some of the power machines, especially when working on tablesaw, jointer, router table or a bandsaw. Safety precaution while working around machine blades can be increased, if you use a feather boards and clamps together with the push stick. Feel free to adjust the push stick dimensions given in our plan to suit the best your needs.

Staying safe on the table saw takes more than just push sticks and push blocks, but they are very important to keeping your paws (and your abdomen…) as safe as possible from the blade as well as kickback. These classic push blocks have stood the test of time… Use them for inspiration or just work directly from the plans! I didn’t quite know where to put these so I made up a category that included the defining characteristic of each push block herein. Push stick keeps your hands away from machine cutting zone, it also helps to produce a smoother cuts. Not everything that pushes wood across jointers has to be a block… These sticks and blocks should help you stay safe on your other favorite power tools.

It is especially useful for feeding narrow stocks across the table of a woodworking machine.

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