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Offering an extra dimension of precision and repeatability to any 10" table saw, the Incra table saw fence is specially designed to remain perfectly parallel to the saw blade. The videos below show my thought process and methodology for how I came up with the original Universal T-Square Table Saw Fence System that will easily accept wide variety of aluminum extrusions or for that matter, ANY another other straight material that you want to bolt on as a fence. I live in UK,how is possible to receive a catalogue with the prices of your product,I need for my Ryobi table saw fence. Just wondering if you would be able to post a full size PDF of the cam mechanism so we could have a guide for shaping the cam as I do not have this style fence to copy from. Thank you for everything if I had the money I would purchase this fence from you because I like your passion for what you do and the fact that you still share your instructions even though you are selling this product. Even the most expensive table saws have a relatively primitive runner for the fence on the outfeed side.
You may want to look at the Incra Table Saw fence for inspiration if you want to run on wheels. Before you do anything you would want to tune up the saw at least as far as making sure the blade and the fence are parallel to the miter slots.
With a small shop you might want wheels on the saw to move it around to be able to make different cuts and to move it out of the way. I'm fairly new to Openbuilds and took the plunge during the free shipping weekend to order (almost) all the parts for my table saw fence.
A commercially made fence might perform better but when you offset the cost of those things against what you might lose in accuracy I think you've just got to try and make your own. The steel lead screw incremental positioner allows you to position and reposition the fence to an accuracy of 0.05mm. I've seen some designs where it is simply a flat piece of plastic screwed down to the front and rear fences. Unless the roller is perpendicular to the blade and side to side level with the table, it has a tendency to start aiming the board left or right as you get into the cut. I''m fitting this to a Hammer K3 which will require some rework (Note this setup will not fit some Euro saws due to the length of the typical euro table).
For house carpentry type of work (and many boatbuilding tasks) the accuracy of a sled is irrelevant and a decent miter gauge with a long fence attached to it is quite sufficient.
For cabinet-making (including cabinet-making for a boat) the accuracy of a tablesaw sled is well worth the extra time it takes to get the sled into place. It is also nice to be able to look right down at the cut without getting sawdust throw up in your face.

The fence system is constructed from solid steel and aircraft grade aluminium and features universal mounting holes on the rails allowing it to fit to virtually any 10" table saw.
Free encyclopedia, A table sawbench woodworking loose tenon breadboard ends demonstration.
I had a Biesemeyer fence and guide rail system, but the t-square was permanently attached to the fence.
We launched VerySuperCool Tools this summer and we are excited to be offering this t-square table saw fence system for purchase from our online store.
If you have a Ryobi table saw you will have to put a Biesemeyer style guide rail system on it for our T-square system to work. Dave, you make a really good point - but I'm guessing the locking mechanism I had in mind would never be as solid as a proper cam lever on a machined fence. It is the act of locking it, which squeezes the fence against a surface that is perpendicular to the blade that straightens it.
For this to really work right you should build in a stop that stops the sled once the (fully raised) blade is fully past the face of the rear fence. Sounds like a good idea, but might take a while to move large distances - I'm looking for a range of 80cm from the blade to the edge of the table. I suspect a lot of whether someone will love or not love a tablesaw sled depends on the trade-off between accuracy and speed.
At the back of the fence is a carriage which gives the fence it's incremental adjustability and a full travel of 810mm.
The securing points will also be countersunk and this quick mockup means the fence can only be used on the left without flipping the whole assembly. As part of that change the clamp will get moved, it's right in the way of loading the saw but I just wanted to see if it worked.
This has to be the very best saw fence available in terms of build quality and the precision it offers. The 915mm fence sits between and rides along two 1830mm long heavy duty fence rails that attach to the front and rear of the saw's table top. Even though the company was bought by Delta, this popular product is still known as a Biesemeyer fence. I don’t know what I would have done without my Biesemeyer fence all these years, I still use it, but not very often.
As for mounting the horizontal rail, it might be better to drill through the lower track and attach with some bolts to the table.

V Slot will make a nice fence if it is straight, look elsewhere in this forum for some who have had experiences with very slightly bowed V Slot. Of course, for those times when a sled just won't do (there are certainly some), one should also have a properly set up miter gauge, but most tablesaws come with one anyway. I extended the left side of the rear fence out another foot or so beyond the plywood base so I can clamp on stops for cutting multiple pieces of the same length. A stainless steel scale indicates the length of travel and gives the user the information to set the fence approximately by eye before using the screw positioner to position it precisely. The micrometer style adjustment screw allows you to set the fence to within 0.05mm with one full rotation of the screw equating to 1mm of adjustment.
This fence is long enough to sit along any table with a front to back measurement of 724mm or less. The biggest problem with my Biesemeyer fence is that I can’t easily attach anything to the fence without using bulky clamps, which inevitably get in the way of my operation.
Having multiple aluminum extrusions for use as a table saw fence has changed how I work in my shop. We also have an adjustable throated t-square fence for people outside of the United States for people who want to build their own Biesemeyer guide rail system using metric dimension tubing. Overall a good product and despite the eye watering cost for a retrofit fence is worth every penny. And since aluminum extrusions have t-channels that accept locking t-nut and bolts, it became a natural way to make the connection between the fence and t-square. The reduced diameter (I think you used #8s) on the lower fence might squeeze a normal hex nut in there without turning..
Once I finish fitting the miter slot runners, I want to start making up some sleds and jigs for the table saw. When I saw the aluminum extrusion I realized it had everything I ever dreamed of in a table saw fence.
I like having a big block of wood for the blade the run into after it goes through the rear fence.
I like to leave the fence full height for attaching things, but Bruce is right in that it does make holding little pieces easier to have a lower fence.

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