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My wife is a professional artist and I have made her several easels over the past few years and I still haven't built one like the Best brand easels (one in your photo) because she doesn't want one, here's why. It's too pretty artists get paint, turpenoid, and all sorts of other things on their easels, after the first two paintings it wouldn't look very pretty any more. Since 1948, Mabef easels have been manufactured in Italy by skilled craftsmen who have perfected the art of making easels. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see some of the paintings which have been created on this easel.

Stand the easel upright and arrange (spread) the legs until the easel is at a convenient angle. I know she doesn't have a good one, and I remember well what it was like to be a starving student! Crafted from oiled beechwood, the M-06 easel features a variable length adjustment with a simple ratchet action, and accommodates canvases up to 65" high. Use treated lumber, galvanized bolts and galvanized nails if the easel is to be used and left outside.

Each Mabef easel has a simple, functional design that is strong, solid, reliable, and long-lasting. An easel is a freestanding, three-legged frame structure, usually made of wood, which is used by an artist to hold a canvas upright while it's being worked on, or to exhibit the piece of artwork.

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