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Hello Jack I am about to start building the exact desk that you have built because I absolutely love it man, great work, but I wanted to know what your base measurements for the top of the desk are because the size seems perfect for my setup, and also the angle for the racks at the top of the desk. When all of the equipment arrived I was able to build a mock-up using the old desk, some furniture and cardboard boxes.
With the plans in place, I was able to calculate how much wood I would need for the build and I headed to my local hardware store. A studio desk like this would cost well over $2000 but with a lot  work and planning ou can do it for around $300. We’re talking two new pairs of studio monitors, a custom built mixing desk, an 88 key midi keyboard and some rack mounted hardware to connect it all to. It is important to elevate your studio monitors because in order to get the best sound, your speakers should always be at ear level.Studio desks are also designed to hold your gear. You already own a bunch of midi controllers and already you’re struggling to squeeze it all on your desk. I have recently added the left side desk extension (as pictured in the build process) so I can fit all of the Korg synths and controllers on the left side desk with the Novation controllers, ready for live jamming! If you have a lot of hardware, it would seem unreasonable to leave it all out on your desk.
You could for sure build it not as wide but you also need to remember monitor placement and what sized screen you use.

With a proper studio desk you’ll be able to keep your hardware out of the way so that you’ll be able to maintain a clutterless workspace.Buying a recording studio desk can easily cost an upwards of $2000. You don’t want all of your future studio sessions to be ruined by a wobbly, poor-quality, desk!In this article, I have compiled 5 of the best home recording studio desk plans on the web. Assembling this desk is very easy and will take less than an hour.There are no legs or support to this desk.
Everything is held into place by brackets.The materials can be bought very cheaply at almost any hardware store.
His DIY recording studio desk is simple, sleek, and best of yet, cheap to buy materials for.There are both good news and bad news for this studio desk plan. For how detailed the instructions are, I’ve seen plans like this go for over $40!Like I said, the instructions are very detailed. There are 14 pages that will tell you everything you need to know if you want to build this desk.If you don’t have a ton of rack equipment, this desk is well worth your time. I liked the fact that exact measurements were supplied in the plans.This desk is made to hold all of your studio hardware that you might have. The second shelf of this desk has plenty of room for two studio monitors and two computer monitors.This desk is most importantly strong and solid. This desk has has a ton of features and will surprisingly only cost $100 to build.The only complaint I have for this desk is that I couldn’t find any drawn-out plans for it.

It would’ve been nice to have exact measurements and a basic diagram just to make building the desk a bit easier.My favorite part of this desk is its huge slide-out tray. Underneath the shelf is a perfect area for any hardware racks you might have.This desk consists of pretty basic and inexpensive materials.
It is also the most expensive build in this article.The first part of this desk that I noticed was its dedicated storage for racked-equipment. The desk gets its dark color from an ebony stain with polyshade.A part about this desk that I liked was that when you place your studio monitors on its shelf, they are at a perfect height. I also liked that the studio monitor stands were separate from the main part where your computer monitors would go.In total, this desk will cost about $300 to make. Building your own desk is both a fun and rewarding experience!If you have enjoyed this article, you might also want to subscribe to our mailing list. Signup down below and receive our Home Studio Buyer's guide for free!11 helpful chaptersAccess the producer resourcesMake confident buying decisions Enter your name and email below to get Instant Access!

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