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In the mid-1860s a carpenter in Sussex, England named Ephraim Colman had a brilliant idea, to make a chair with an adjustable back. In the early 1900s, Gustav Stickley began producing his versions of Morris chairs, and I maintain that he perfected the form. Stickley was an admirer of Morris, and the first issue of Stickley’s magazine The Craftsman was an homage to Morris. Think of a cross between a throne and a Barcalounger and the image of a good Morris chair should appear.

The idea was sketched by Warrington Taylor, and adapted by Phillip Webb for a chair to be produced by William Morris and Company.
Chairs have had a slow evolution, and the best chairs are important symbols as well as places to sit and relax. One important difference between Gustav and his imitators is that the derivative chairs took visual clues, but made the chairs in a form that was easier to manufacture.
The idea was there, but the execution was far too frilly and fancy; way too delicate to serve as the resting place for a king in his castle.

Gustav Stickley manufactured several variations, the best known being the bow arm, the flat arm and the bent arm. In the April issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, my story of building a reproduction of a Gustav Stickley No.

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