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SCTW (Steel City Tool Works) is about to unveil a new suitcase planer that includes its patented helical head.
Over at Highland Woodworking their promoting the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters and it’s starting to pique my interests again.
We talked about helical heads being introduced to planers in coverage at 2008 International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta (Click Here to read that article).

At the time, SCTW planned to upgrade its model 40200 with the new cutterhead design and expected the price would be near $750. A planer is not the last step before finishing.) A 15-amp, 120v motor that clearly has enough power to tackle any milling task, drives the planer.
And if you happen to damage the head, heaven forbid, the damaged section could be replaced without having to purchase an entire new head because this head is an accumulation of indexed and stackable parts.

All that’s necessary is to pull the head from the machine, separate the parts to replace the damaged section, then chuck the head back in position.

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