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2014 Best selling big wood storage box for sale, View storage box, zhongyi storage box Product Details from Caoxian Zhongyi Wooden Co., Ltd. Today I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you, for these simple, antiqued (totally Pottery Barn lookin') storage crates that I made for the DIY Blogger house project. So I decided that I would use this same technique to build a few custom crates and small boxes for the DIY Blogger house pantry too!
To make the individual slots for multiple items, we just took some extra wood, cut it to the height and width we needed, used a guide to make sure they were all spaced evenly, and that was it! Once the boxes were built, I just gave them a quick sanding around the edges, to smooth out any sharp corners, then used RustOleum's Early American wood stain and gave each of the crates a few good coats.
I didn’t use varnish as I prefer the matt effect to a glossy one for this painted cufflink box.

The modern diy life: diy beeswax wood polish and sealant, Since i have mentioned diy beeswax wood sealant in many of my posts, i figured it was about time i showed you how to make it! The #1 tip I can give you, if you're going to be building these lightweight, customizable crates, is to use the pre-cut wood that you can find on the bottom shelves of your local hardware store.
I love the way these vintage-looking crates turned out, and really do think that they are a great option for helping things stay in their place and organized for a pantry or small closet space. Diy crate projects: how to reuse pallets and wood containers, Pallets, those ubiquotous platforms used to ship everything from food to construction materials, are one of the most common waste products in american.
The reason you want supports on either side, for the larger boxes, is so that you have something substantial to nail into, and also so the box stays strong and stable when you're lifting and pulling on it.
I drew two diagonal lines on the top cover of the box to make this simple design of four triangles.

So to fix this problem I purchased a simple tin box from IKEA, for spice packets and also found a $1 wire basket from our local thrift store to house all of our cereal.
So I got my wheels turning and started thinking about the vintage DIY crates that we built for extra storage in our new entryway nook.

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