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Whether you are a digital nomad, a free-spirited migratory worker, a long-term traveler, a contemporary vagabond or urban gypsie, these 16 different types of compact and mobile dwellings on land and water offer you humble living with increased freedom.
Popular among young free-spirited folks and retirees living in upscale mobile home communities the trailer is slowly shaking off its pejorative connotation.
The discarded bus was saved from the scrapyard and revamped into a trendy minimalist mobile home.  By adding somewhat industrial appearing lighting, combined with the diamond plate floor the bus kept a touch of authenticity. Hank, an architecture student, bought an old schoolbus for $3000 and, with another $6000 some labor and creativity, converted it into a space efficient mobile home. This tiny home on wheels features modular units which can be grouped to create four primary zones: kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and seating. This Camper Bike, after all, is an artwork, part of an exhibition called Home in the Weeds. Many houseboat owners have their home moored, kept stationary at a fixed point and often tethered to land to provide utilities.
This tugboat house may not be tiny or compact even (it has a walk-in closet) but it is mobile.

It may be somewhat of a cliche but Tiny Homes on the Move: Wheels and Water by Lloyd Kahn is hardcore tiny house porn in the true sense of the phrase.
Living in a compact mobile home is a way to incorporate novelty and new experiences into your life.
Generally used for storage or camping, recent creativity and craftsmanship released on camper shell trucks have led to some pretty cool tiny mobile homes.
Trucks were converted into mobile homes allowing an unattached and transient lifestyle compared to more conventional housing. As long as these tiny mobile homes stay small and mobile you can get around permits, zoning bylaws, and building codes while working within the system. Imagine parking your home across the street of your favorite restaurant in one of the upscale areas of town. Some houseboats are not self propelled but all are designed or modified to be used primarily as a home. For a more detailed look on the crazy, the cozy, the cool, the cramped and the commodious among compact mobile houses check out this book.

And the photos of some of these homes situated in the middle of nowhere under the night sky make me want to hit the road right now.
Here’s some interior inspiration for your new home on wheels, 15 awesome schoolbus home interiors. This particular surf van is featured in a coffee table book named Home Is Where You Park It created by Foster Huntington. Of course, if you are skilful it may be even more rewarding to build and customize your own tiny mobile home. Granted, these may not fall under the category tiny houses but tiny floating homes do exist too.
Living in a mobile home may carry a stigma but the surge of interest in, especially vintage, trailers is turning the tide.

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