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The Department of Physics and Astronomy has established a workable small size machine shop for the support of research and teaching laboratories, the departmental observatory and student-faculty projects. It's an easy mod for me because I have a small machining setup utilizing a MiniMill and a 9x20 Lathe which I purchased quite some time ago from Harbor Freight Tools. This machine is not really the expensive part, it's the required tools and tooling can end up costing quite a bit of money.
I then machined the throttle body out to 53mm, including removing the horns and then had a friend blasting it for me. I had never tried to cut, machine or weld 304 stainless before so this was all new territory for me. I also had a second throttle body on hand which I won on ebay some time ago which I used for this project.

Without hesitation I rolled out my mini machine shop and started fabricating the turbo flange for the VT-50. Wanting very much to be able to learn to TIG weld, I started looking to buy a machine that would benefit my research without killing my budget. My Magnum engine needed more air and the solution is buying fully machined performance throttle body from Hughes Engines or BBK or modifying the OEM stock throttle body.
The basic procedure of this project is to remove the old throttle body from my vehicles Magnum engine, modify it, and reinstall it.
I used a machinists scribe to mark where the hole centers would be located and then mounted the flange workpiece to my mill for machining. The entire project took about 10 hours and thus was accomplished on a single day but if I had a small Portable Soda Blaster like the one a friend of mine purchased from Harbor Freight Tools for about 100 bucks, it would have taking even less time as I wouldn't had to wait until he had time to do this.

My small MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welder would easily weld the SS using a mild steel electrode wire. Hardening can also occur when a workpiece is machined with too high of a tool speed which can create excessive heat. High speed steel or cobalt steel cutting tools seem to work the best at machining stainless as they can have a very sharp cutting edge unlike carbide cutting tools. This method saved an incredible amount of saw cutting and I definitely look forward to using again later in the project.

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