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And while you are going to have to wait until the posts publishes on HGTV for this exact plan, if you fancy a wider shelf, today's your day. Use the corner areas by making beautiful shelves that holds art objects, necessary belongings and books. Corner shelves come in a wide variety and they are perfect storage solution in small homes and apartments.
You can then place roll of towels and aroma candles on the shelves for a better bathing experience.

Keep planters with indoor plants in the lower shelf or step and keep towels and other necessary items above. Always use the usable corners and find out ways of building shelves that can hold lots of things.
If you have an office room at home which is narrow and rectangular, then build L-shaped wall shelves that run from one wall and cover the corner. You can get spot lights fitted with the shelves so that your guests never miss your collection.

Along with the long wall to corner shelf you can also build two to three shelves for just the corners.

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