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This website is designed to help you, a responsible gun owner, find the Best Gun Safe For The Money.
Gun owners are generally interested in buying the Best Gun Safe For The Money for a couple of reasons. As a responsible handgun owner you know the importance of storing your firearm in a safe and secure place. Every gun enthusiast will eventually find themselves wondering what are the best gun safes. When it comes to an in-home gun safe, Blue Dot Safes didn't pull any punches with this one! This is a full sized double butted, key coded lock safe that is available in both black and green. This biometric safe can store up to thirty fingerprints, making this best gun safe review an important read for small business with valuables and cash to lock up. The all steel construction of this gun safe provides strength and security, ensuring that access to your guns is kept restricted.
Owning a gun for recreation or home safety is a very satisfying experience for many Americans.
A quality gun safe is a form of protection for your firearm investment that guards against damages that can be caused by fires or floods, theft, or vandalism. Even if you do not live in a place that never floods, you should seriously consider buying a gun safe that can protect against flooding if you are storing firearms in a basement. Also, if you’re hunting for a the best gun safe for your money, be sure to read our article on bargain gun safes here. Small gun safes can actually be large, with more than 1 cubic foot of storage space, or small enough to fit only one handgun and nothing else.
Advantages of an electronic lock include: They can provide easier and quicker access Electronic locks include some of the latest technology Tracking of invalid entry attempts and “lockdown” modes to disable entry after too many wrong passcodes are entered Our highest rated biometric safe is the BARSKA Biometric Safe. It also comes with emergency keys that you can keep at your office or in a safe deposit box in case someone else needs to access it in an emergency. For those who own shotguns and rifles, a large safe is necessary to store their guns, and we’ve provided for them as well. For smaller gun collections and tighter budgets, we recommend the Homak HS40221120, which weighs around 150 pounds and has over 8 cubic feet of storage space.
So let’s break down the different parts of a gun safe that separate the high quality ones from the rest. One final common way to attack a safe is to drill into the lock so that the internal state of the lock tumblers can be seen.
More realistically, a home thief is looking to use his big old axe to quickly hack through a safe’s wall. In any case what we’re trying to say is that the best way to prevent against a normal residential thief is to beef up your safe’s wall thickness! As a gun safe owner, you have to ask yourself how much you are willing to pay to secure your gun collection for a risk of losing them that is less than 2.7% in any given year. Consider if you are willing to pay more for a thick-walled gun safe to lessen the risk of losing your collection – this will be mostly driven by the value of your gun collection. If you do choose to skimp on fireproofing it is advisable to have at least a small fireproof safe to store important documents in.
Some safe manufacturers claim to have invented a way to waterproof a safe so that it can withstand a certain depth of water for a duration of time. All the gun safes we review and recommend on this site have external hinges for this reason. The most important thing is that a safe has at least two bolts on each of its four sides that extend well into the frame. While your gun safe is immensely valuable to you, both because you spent some significant money for it and because of its sentimental value, someone trained to be skilled to manipulate safe locks is much more likely to be interested in cracking safes with much more valuable contents.
Once you’ve found a safe that you like with a UL Group II lock, your biggest decision will be whether to buy an old-style rotary combination lock or a new electronic keypad. When reading about various gun safe, you may run across different certifications that a certain model has received. The hinges of the safe must be made so as to protect the safe from being accessed by removing the door. Another way to for a safe to gain a California DOJ rating is to be classified as a Residential Security Container by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) – in other words a DOJ rating is automatically assigned to a locking device that can hold guns and is rated by UL.
The theory behind this approach is that it is likely to take a real-life thief longer to break in to a safe than the well-equipped security professionals the UL hires. The majority of gun safes available online meet the RSC classification only, meaning that a professional, well-prepared thief will only take 5 minutes to break in to your safe.
There are plenty of gun safes with TL-15 and TL-30 ratings available, and these ratings come at a much higher cost. For most gun owners with only a few guns, the best and most cost-efficient option is going to be to buy a RSC to store their guns. We believe that every safe should be evaluated on its technical specifications and not bought due to brand loyalty or reputation. The following brands continue to produce high quality safes that represent good values for their price. Liberty Safe has been around since 1988 and sells safes under three brand names – Liberty, National Security, and Centurion. Enter the Snap Safe Super Titan Gun Safe – a modular option that weights 425 pounds total (or 590 pounds if you get the XL), but ships in pieces that you assemble. The Super Titan safes also are rated to 2,300 degree, 1 hour protection, so fires aren’t a problem. There isn’t any need to stash this safe away in the basement, where moisture in the air may mean that you have to install and maintain a dehumidifier in the safe. You need something sturdy and solid to provide protection to your guns so they don't end up in the wrong hands, yet that provides easy access should you need to defend your home and loved ones from an intruder. This the best gun safe for hand gun storage with its simple one-handed unlocking, giving you quick access to your gun should you need it.
With such solid construction and a uniquely secured locking mechanism, you won't have to wonder what is the best gun safe to keep your family protected. This safe also comes with two override keys, but unlocks easily with just the touch of a finger.
Whether they are used for recreation, home security, or both, guns are a huge responsibility that can’t be taken lightly. It only takes one burst water line to flood a basement, and if your guns are unprotected you’ll be looking at repairing or replacing your entire collection.
Gun safes also give piece of mind that any young kids that live or stay in your home will not be able to access any of the pistols, shotguns, or rifles that you may own – and that kind of peace of mind is priceless. We show you that video to drive home the point that you should not consider bargain hunting when looking for a gun safe. There are modular safes like the Snap Safe Super Titan that can be put together nearly anywhere in your house. We want to help you keep your home safe and protect your assets with our reviews, and find you the best deal while you’re at it!
There are smaller safes that are made to hold one to two pistols, and larger ones that hold all types of firearms. They are generally not rated as fire or flood resistant, and obviously cannot store the same number of guns as a larger safe.

There are also pre-drilled holes pre-drilled holes in the safe that allow you to mount it to the floor, walls studs, or just about anywhere, to prevent anyone from being able to walk off with it. These safes are very heavy, with some weighing a ton or more, depending on the thickness of the steel.
It claims to be able to hold 12 guns, but this is the maximum capacity and would make accessing guns toward the back of the safe inconvenient. Anything flashy or high tech looking has to be justified for that one reason, otherwise it’s just a showy thing that manufacturers use to raise the price of their safe. Any safe can be broken into given enough time, and when a thief breaks into your house it is the one thing that he lacks. The first preference of a thief would be to upend the safe so that it lays on the floor – this makes the attack more effective because it increases leverage. Most folks believe that anyone looking to steal from your home are opportunistic, meaning that they are looking to take as much as possible in the smallest amount of time. Steel represents a large portion of the cost of a safe, and the thicker the gauge the more you’ll pay for the safe. A small percentage of these are made up of home invasions, and violent home invasions in particular. As the value of a gun collection goes up, you are more willing to pay to mitigate the risk of losing your guns. The first is by transferring the high heat of a house fire (around 1,500 degrees Farenheit on average!) through the safe walls to your safe contents.
Safe fire ratings have two important numbers to look out for – the highest temperature it can withstand and the duration for which it can withstand that temperature.
We want to save you money as you explore your gun safe options, so feel free to skimp on this major expense! Each of the safes reviewed on our site exceeds this bare minimum requirement and can provide the important protection against a prybar attack you need.
Countless movies have been made showing a team of professional thieves trying to open a bank vault door by cracking the safe’s code. Most safe manufacturers meet this requirement by making locking bolts on the hinge side of the door, although this can be done by other means. They also certify entire safes, and home safes that meet their standards are classified as residential security containers (RSCs). In actuality, what that means is that they hire security professionals, give them big power tools, and tell them to try to break in to a safe as quickly as they can. Because that is what the majority of gun owners end up buying, we’ve assembled some tips that help beef up your RSC gun security. Pros: dealers are extremely knowledgeable and can help you buy an appropriate, high quality safe. Pros: You have complete control over the design of the safe and can ensure it meets whatever criteria you desire. All safes sold by Liberty have a limited lifetime warranty, and if you check out their website you can see that they definitely stand by their products.
It was founded by a former locksmith and safe technician – so the design of the safes has been checked off on by a man who knows how to defeat a safe.
This may or may not be a problem depending on the size of your gun collection and the amount of valuables you plan to store in the safe.
Any handyman or even a handy friend should be able to help you get the safe together though. No lugging a steel box weighing 1,000 pounds – this safe can easily fit in a closet and provide the same peace of mind as a traditional safe. That said, a good gun safe also provides protection in keeping small children safe from guns by making them impossible to access. The thoughtful construction of the locking system is what makes this one of the best gun safes.
This safe ensures that your family, especially curious young children, will be kept safe from your gun, too. This simple unlocking method is what makes this one of the best gun safes on the market as, should the unthinkable happen, you won't have to waste time trying to remember the key code. Handling guns properly and showing them the respect they deserve is one form of responsibility, and the other is storing them properly when they’re not in use. If your gun collection is valuable to you, you should buy a gun safe that can protect against fire for a prolonged period.
There have been too many stories in the news of accidental firing of guns by young children to ignore this aspect of gun ownership.
People tend to buy smaller safes to allow quicker access to small firearms for home safety. We really like this safe because it is top opening, making it more versatile – it can be stored anywhere a front opening safe can but can be easily accessed while it is stored in a drawer. Also, unlike many other small safes, it is fire rated at UL Class 350 for 1 hour up to 1700 degrees, and is also water resistant. These components were the important factors used when evaluating the gun safe reviews on this site. Bolting the safe in place also protects against this, but ultimately the best defense is to increase the thickness of your safe’s door and walls.
A safe’s actual amount of steel is best represented by the gauge of steel that went into the safe walls. To get a 10 gauge or thicker safe, you’ll probably end up paying in excess of $1,500. And of course if your collection is worth less than $1,500, then you wouldn’t consider buying a safe that is more than the amount you paid for your guns. Also factor in the additional expense to hire a moving crew to handle placing a heavier safe. Fireproofing of safes are a standard feature, and many of the most common models available meet a minimum standard of 1,200 degrees for a period of 30 minutes.
These types of hinges are expensive, as manufacturing them and incorporating them into the safe costs more than standard external hinges. And this is for good reason – the lock is one of the weak points in a safe that can be manipulated to gain access to the inside.
It’s unlikely that a residential gun safe will have a Group 1 rating because it provides a level of protection that commercial safes typically require. If you had wanted to spend some extra cash for security, invest in thicker gage walls because your typical attack will be from an axe, not a safe cracker with a stethoscope! And while it does take some time to get used to spinning a dial, with some practice you can get to be pretty fast at opening your safe. There are other factors in your control as a gun owner that can either help buy you additional time or decrease a thief’s ability to break your safe open. Cons: These can be harder to come by as there is not typically a used safe store in every town. This guide was written to help you evaluate safes based on their technical specifications so that you are able to buy a safe based on its actual performance, which is the absolute bottom line.
He claims that a Cannon safe saved his Mickey Mantle signed baseball from a full-on house fire. They offer the same features as more traditional gun safe manufacturers, such as fireproofing, electronic locks, and rating from the California Department of Justice Firearm Safety Device. Each of these safes has 7 gage steel wall thickness, so you don’t have to worry about anyone being able to hack their way inside.

These are some of the things we kept in mind in putting together these best gun safe reviews.
If that wasn't enough to prove that this is easily the world's best gun safe, this safe is constructed out of fire resistant 12 gauge steel. The locking plate passes behind the steel frame at the top and bottom of the safe and a large steel locking plate secures behind the door frame at the center of the gun safe. This gives you the greatest convenience in accessing your protection, and this safe can be programmed to read two fingerprints -allowing your spouse or partner to have quick access, too. For smaller safes, you should consider if you want an electronic lock or more standard combination or keyed lock. If you aren’t going to access your gun regularly or be able to change the batteries out, you’re going to end up using the key.
As far as price, it doesn’t cost any more than our recommended biometric safe, and it allow you to store many more things.
Then we’ll wrap up by making a recommendation for which gun safe performs best overall in each component. Maybe someone with a bit of knowledge of locks will be able to pick the lock and clean the safe out completely.
This may sound like a lot to pay for a gun safe, but consider that an average rifle, shotgun, or handgun costs between $500 and $1,000.
For a typical gun owner, paying in excess of $1,500 is likely to be worth it because their gun collection far exceeds that amount.
The highest fireproof rating of the safes reviewed on this site is 2,300 degrees at 1 hour for the Snap Safe Super Titan.
This is an even smaller risk than the home invasion rate, so our recommendation is to put more money into buying a safe with thicker walls than to pay more for a higher fire rating. Some safe owners have done just that by buying drywall sheets at their local hardware store and then fastening a piece of sheet metal to the drywall. For safes in basements, constructing a concrete pedestal at least a foot high should keep your safe out of water resulting from a burst water line. Some people have voiced concern that if the batters on a keypad were to die, there might not be a way to access the safe to change them out. Remington is a brand that’s been around for years and years and has manufactured many quality guns and safes throughout the years. While this isn’t for everyone, it is definitely for people who want to be able to put a safe on the second floor of their house.
Added security is found in the whisper quiet entry of this safe: there is no audible sound when entering the key code and unlocking this safe, and it opens with the aid of silent compression gas struts that will also hold the safe open for you.
That fire could be burning for some time before it is reported, and your guns would not stand up to that kind of exposure to flames. For many, this is a complete solution that is only slightly more expensive than a small gun safe. For a standard residential gun safe, this expense is likely not necessary, and a 10 gauge or less safe should be sufficient. A few guns do not garner attention from professional thieves because the cost to get them is higher than the reward!
Typically people place very large safes in their basement to make sure they don’t overload the load bearing walls and joists in their house.
The other way is to secure a piece of drywall (also known as sheetrock or gypsum board) to the safe walls and then attached another piece of metal to the backs of the drywall sheets. While this may not be as effective as fireproofing put together by the manufacturer, it is better than nothing – and the same method could be used to bulk up a safe that already has fireproofing as well. Even new homes are prone to these types of problems, so it is good to be concerned about water getting into your safe. Internal hinges cause the door to swing further into the safe to shut, meaning that either the safe walls need to be extended to accommodate the same amount of space, or you just deal with the fact that you can’t store as much in your safe as you had thought. Even if a thief were to manage to get a blowtorch into your home and torch all the hinges off your safe, they would still have to deal with the bolts holding the door in place.
This means that the would-be thief would need to have had some training to be able to manipulate your lock and access your safe. If a company needs to cut costs to increase profits, they could easily do that by reducing the gauge of steel used in their safes but still charge the same price. So naturally, they now produce high quality gun safes to store the high quality firearms you buy from them.
Or anywhere really – the more traditional placement of a gun safe in a basement or garage works just fine too. There is a removable shelf that sits far back in the gun safe to allow for longer guns to still be safely stored inside. This silence better ensures the safety of you and your loved ones should you find yourself needing to defend your home against an intruder.
This safe will beep once access has been granted, but the beeping can be turned off to provide silent entry. Also consider that the water poured into a house by firefighters causes the same kinds of property damage as flooding, so a safe that protects against fire and flood is essential. However, the weight of safes made from 12 gage steel is more manageable, while 10 gage or thicker steel safes will likely require professional movers to maneuver it into a basement. For larger gun collections, we recommend the Homak HS50121160, which has a whopping 11 cubic feet of storage space.
One of the drawbacks of putting a safe in the basement is that you can run into problems with humidity damaging your guns.
The huge drawback to this, of course, is that you will end up reducing your available storage space in the safe. Of course, as discussed earlier, you should be absolutely sure that your home is able to structurally support the weight of the safe. Their safes are extremely high quality and they eliminate the headache of hiring a whole moving crew to get a safe just where you want it. However, if theft of your guns is a concern, the inconvenience of dealing with the weight of a sturdier safe is minor compared to the peace of mind of knowing your guns can not be stolen.
If you do have to, keep it at another location than your home – a drawer at work is a possibility, and a safe deposit box at your bank is an even better possibility. If you share this concern you can confirm with the manufacturer before buying a keypad safe.
A two way locking system with five fixed bolts and 9 live action bolts assures security and that your guns and ammo will be kept safe and secure.
The material of the barrel rest will not deteriorate or become compressed over time, providing you with a stable and protective rest for your guns and keeping scoped guns held safely in one position away from the sides of the gun safe. However small it may be, there is a gap between the door frame and the door on every single safe. It also has space for your ammo and gun holsters, allowing you to keep everything in one convenient place.Click here to get the Second Amendment Gun Safe.
The bottom of this safe has a foam padded bottom, and this safe does have pre-drilled mounting holes for securing to a wall or floor.

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