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May 11, I decided that it was time to rid my 8″ jointer (Delta DJ-20) of its dull knives.
Rather than send the knives out to be sharpened or purchase new knives, I decided to spring for a spiral cutter head with carbide cutters. A key fitted to a groove in the cutter head’s shaft engages with a groove in the pulley to keep it from spinning. To install the Shelix in my jointer, I needed to remove about a dozen of the cutters to fit between the infeed and outfeed beds. This entry was posted in Working Smarter (Not Harder) and tagged 8, Delta, DJ-20, DJ20, helical cutterhead, jointer, Shelix, spiral cutterhead by Chris Wong. A narrower head should not cause that and my only idea right now is to ensure that the cutterhead points the cutters towards the fence, which should draw the material towards the fence.

The Shelix is an investment, and I would only consider outfitting your DJ-15 with one if you plan on keeping the jointer for a long time, rather than upgrading to a larger one, for instance. That afternoon, I ordered a Shelix (Shear + Helix) cutter head from the Byrd Tool Company in Kentucky. Included were the cutter head, a screwdriver with a Torx bit, a case containing five spare cutters, and instructions for changing the cutters. I was nervous about getting gouged by customs and anxiously awaited my order, which was shipped out by UPS.Well, yesterday, May 20, the Shelix arrived. Measure the gaps between the cutter head and the bushing-housing blocks, as well as between the bushing-housing block and pulley. I removed the four bolts and their accompanying washers which were securing the bearing-housing blocks at either end of the cutter head.

At this point, I could have removed the cutter head, but by first removing the rabbeting ledge, the job was made easier.
With the knives removed, the cutter head barely fits out between the edges of the infeed and outfeed tables. I am thinking one of two things: the head is not coplanar with the tables or the wood or the shelix head is slightly narrower than the original head.

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