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Building this bench was at the time a very challenging, but also very rewarding project.  Although somewhat short and lightweight, this bench (along with Tage Frid’s books) gave me the opportunity to explore better joinery and other techniques associated with fine woodworking.
Although I scaled down the original bench to a more manageable 9‘ long x  34” deep bench, it was still rock solid and weighed about 450 lbs.  To my delight it handled items from small to large with great ease and greatly facilitated improving my skills as a woodworker. This Shaker style workbench and I developed a long-term and very productive relationship until the year when we moved to a different location where my shop space was less than half the space I had become accustomed to having.  After much frustration over working space, I opted to build a smaller bench. After our oldest son Tristan was in college and when our youngest son Brendan reached college age, my wife and I began discussing preliminary plans for a retirement house even though it would be several years away.  Our current Bow-roofed cape has been a great house to live in, but from the beginning we recognized it was designed for raising children, not for retirement. The original Shaker bench was largely made from recycled lumber (so I really didn’t have much invested in it) and was sold under special circumstances to a friend for about $450.

If you are thinking of finding or building a large Shaker style bench, don’t let that figure discourage you.
I think it catches some of the flavor of the original bench in a nice way, but much easier to build and move. The Shaker style bench found a nice home at a nearby woodworking school, but even as it was being disassembled for transport, I knew I would be building another one sometime in the future. On the bottom, I used an acme screw with nuts and a pin to hold it in place on the front leg. When I first saw it, I didn’t like the thought of having the circular handle (not very authentic looking on a Shaker bench), but when I visited their site today I found a photo at the bottom of the page that uses the more traditional handle.

It is more or less “loose” in the bottom hole of the bench, and the pin on the leg holds it fairly loosely.

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