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The RunnerDuck Screen Door plan, is a step by step instructions on how to build a screen door. We have been wanting a screen door on our front door for some time now but coming up with the right design took a while.
I went to the lumber store to get the wood for my screen door and the guy at the yard asked what I was building. I just place my pencil in a hole on the rule that lines up with my center and then drag the square bar along the edge of the wood.
Measure 1" in from the edge to the mark and using a forstner bit that matches your dowel, drill through the front of the door and half way through the back of the door. Put the door together and square it up by measuring from corner to corner and then the opposite corners.

I set the door into the molding of our front door and found that the moulding was askew a little bit so I had to trim it to fit exactly. I made the molding to go over the screen using the left over pieces from trimming the door stiles. Install the spring, handle and latch and you should now have a beautiful screen door that should last for many years. The short reinforcement pieces you see in the lower section of the door are cut with the ends at 45? angles .
If you’ll want to lock or latch your door, look at options available at your hardware store and plan accordingly.
So far the door works great and the Starlings have not managed to get into the patio area since I’ve installed it.

We wanted a screen door that was more like the ones we remembered when growing up rather than some plastic or metal manufactured door. The door area was a non-standard size so I did what any overly optimistic and seriously unskilled carpenter would do.
These are strips of wood you see on most door frames, providing a stopping point for the door and concealing any slight gaps between the door and the frame.

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