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A personal axiom that I formulated long ago is that 90% of the work in any woodworking project is in the last 10% of the details.
I have never met a woodworker that did not see sanding as drudgery, hating every minute of it. Garnet paper, above, is inexpensive and fine for sanding bare wood but open coat stearated paper, in middle and at left, are cheaper in the long run because they cut faster and last longer. Sandpaper made in North America is graded under the Coated Abrasives Manufacturers Institute (CAMI) while European papers are rated under the P scale dictated by the Federation of European Producers Association (FEPA). With hook and loop sanding disks it is a good idea to write the grit size with a felt tip pen for later identification when you want to use them again. All this said, even with optimally seasoned wood, you can expect 10-inch-wide pine to develop seasonal gaps between the boards over time.
Steve Maxwell, syndicated home improvement and woodworking columnist, has shared his DIY tips, how-to videos and product reviews since 1988.
There are several techniques to improve your shop proficiency, for example, Rob Johnstone likes puling his card scraper rather than pushing it, but gets the same smooth finish as the standard technique. The three most common processes for smoothing wood are sanding, scraping and cleaning up the surface with a hand plane.
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As with any finishing venture, you should test your approach on a small area to see how well it works.
If your cabinets are light in colour and not stained, Wipe-On Poly by Minwax is an easier option than coloured finishing oils.
Your plan to use wide pine floorboards will lead to a great, antique kind of look, but you will have to prepare yourself for gaps between those boards opening and closing seasonally.
Even if they go down tight and dry, the wood will expand during humid times of the year, compressing the wood along the edges of the board, leading to gaps in subsequent winters. On most of my furniture I use very sharp hand planes for much of the leveling and smoothing, but sanding is still necessary if a gloss or semigloss finish is to be applied.
If there are major imperfections in the wood surface or the surface needs to be leveled a bit, as when a rail meets a rail on a face frame, then start with 60-grit. As with many woodworking tasks, there is more than one technique that will deliver a well-prepared piece of wood ready for a finish to be applied. Sandpaper, in all its many varieties, is basically a substrate of some sort of paper — the quality of that paper varies — with rocks glued to it. Second, while surface preparation is something these tools do, it is not their only task: planes and scrapers also shape wood.
If the scratches don't go all the way through to the wood, you can scuff-sand your floors with a buffer and apply a fresh coat or two of finish.
These cutting tools are the abrasive particles and better sandpaper has stronger, sharper particles that are arranged better. Stearated paper is much superior for sanding finishes and using waterproof paper with some soapy water or mineral spirits is a great time- and money-saving trick. For that reason, it is likely the best overall method of surface preparation available to woodworkers.
The most significant point to be made about smoothing wood with planes and scrapers is that they perform this task best on flat aspects — curves and other shapes are not easily dealt with.

The process is easier and less expensive than sanding down to bare wood and takes less time. Sandpaper is sold in closed coat, where 100% of the surface is covered by abrasive particles and open coat, which has coverage in the 50 to 70% range.
For power sanding I like hook and loop backed paper because I can save partially expended sheets for later use.
After you have sanded off the machining marks and other surface flaws with a coarse-grit paper, the primary goal of each successively finer size of grit is to remove the scratch marks that the previous sandpaper put into the wood. If you are smoothing squared-up rectilinear stock, a properly set up plane or a sharp cabinet scraper are superior tools for the task. If you must join pieces of wood that have been variously prepared, I recommend a final hand sanding to ensure a uniform surface.
Open coat is much better for power sanding wood because the debris from sanding (called swarf) has someplace to go. If hand sanding, using a padded block for your paper gives better results as does making the final strokes with the grain as much as possible. The biggest problem with sanding is that many woodworkers sand ineffectively and therefore get inconsistent results. In fact, if you watch someone who is proficient with a bench plane smooth a piece of wood, it is truly amazing. If you've never used a buffer before, practice in the middle of the room until you get a feel for how to maneuver it.
For example, random or bit sanders and vibrating pad sanders are designed to be moved across the wood at a rate of about 1 inch per second.

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