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Infinity Tools is a worldwide distributor of high quality router bits and router bit sets with headquarters in Tampa, Florida.
Specifically for use with Infinity Tools router bits, this page provides instructions for setup and use of the most commonly used Infinity Router Bits. August 10, 2015 by Photojournalist Leave a Comment If you sneak around the workshops of the carpenters, one tool that will present in almost all of the workshops, is wood router.
Proper and suitable accessories are those only that will enhance the working capacity of the tools. To prevent the movement of the working wood while the router bit is cutting the design, router fences are must have.
For a complete listing of all Infinity Cutting Tools Router Bits, please visit the ROUTER BITS page. This one is particularly used to stick the working wood piece in its place, so that it will not slip while you are busy creating designs on it with the router.
Fitting easily into one hand, it's the perfect tool for chamfering, rounding-over edges, mortising for hinges, and more.

Tools with only coarse adjustments make it fast to move or remove the base when changing bits, but can be difficult to tweak to a precise cutting depth. We design and engineer premium quality router bits for the professional as well as the weekend woodworker. Diversified use of this compact tool is not only make it a popular choice among the professionals but to the amateur wood workers too. Beforehand, it was hand powered tools, but as the time passes, the wood routers emerge with more versatility along with electric power.
Here, we will know about those accessories without which your newly bought wood router will be incomplete. Transparent plastic bases provide a good view of the cutting action, but most of the opaque bases provide decent visibility, too. Infinity Tools is your direct source for over 2000 professional quality router bits and router bit sets that are in stock and ready to ship today. It’s easy portability and the capacity of handling multiple and complicated applications make it the most versatile tool in the world.

If you are planning to buy your brand new wood router, the accessories should also be included. Proper accessories are meant to provide the required support for not only making the work easier, but to upgrade the level of the work.  So, choose the perfect accessories along with the best wood router. The best way to select your wood router is to read the current wood router reviews, as all the routers are not meant to do everything. Though, the tool has immense potential, but without its proper accessories, this one will also fall behind.

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