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Yes, this post WAS inspired by our very own KnotScott: 6 KnotScott Forum Finds: Router Fences, Cleaning Router Bits + Clamps, Clamps, and More Clamps! Not only does this fence provide great support, you can add additional sub fences or T-Tracks as well. Set up a slot cutting jig along with a rub collar and straight bit on your router and cut out the four slots for the fence backing's bolts. There are three common elements that make up most router tables - the stand, top, and fence. This solves your budget constraints and gives you excellent results with your router table. Attach the dust port by placing a bead of caulk around each contact surface and then placing it on the fence back and mounting it with short lag screws.

Let's take a look at a simple router table fence that meets all of the requirements for a quality fence.
Router Table Fence StorageWhenever I’m working at the router table, I always seem to spend a lot of time looking for bits, wrenches, and collets. On each side of the table top, the side clamps & sliding scale provide answers to points 5, 6, & 7.
This wide bodied router fence is designed for panel-raising and working with tall pieces and fits nicely on most router tables. So far I have your tenon jig plan, mortise jig plan, router table plan, router fence, router lift, and out feed table plans.
I used the extra length to help support a simple slot-cutting jig when routing the endmost bolt slots.

The Straight and High workpiece support makes this fence the best all around Router Fence out there. Before the glue dries, miter-cut a pair of triangular braces (pieces 3), and install them behind the fence back with glue and brads. Now, set the fence face-down on your bench, slip the bottom facings into position, and mark the through-bolt hole locations.

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