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On other router tables, the overall circle diameter will depend on the distance from the router bit to the end of your miter t-track. I’ve seen a jig as simple as a thin board with a mounting hole on one end, and a series of pivot points on the other. Also I’d draw then use a jigsaw for an occasional circle, but that might be related to my lack of router skills. You can just mark which hole you used and it is a easy reference to repeat that size circle.
Very often, I'router circle jig m mainly working and all that is required is to insert a piece of scrap plan - rockler woodworking.
Take off the sub-base of the router to determine how big the circular end of the jig should be. Screw the circular end of the jig into the router's base, aligning the circles on the sub-base with the holes drilled in the jig. To use the jig to cut a circle, draw a line on the work piece from its center to the end of the desired radius of the circle.

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Ha, that describes my circle cutter build that took seconds to make and has never failed me. A router may not be like using a pencil but my script is more legible if I use a router than a pencil. Actually I can usually clean them up with some chiseling, or passing the router deeper through the cut again.
And as for me, I know I have very little experience with routers, but I also had moments that I thought I got it and then it slipped away..
No - not yet I have another Craftsman router and primarily use the Craftsman Router Guide for circle cutting. If interested, I see the Craftsman router guide on eBay every time I look, but don't pay over $20 shipped.
Drive a nail through the appropriate hole in the jig that corresponds with the center of the work piece (image 1).

I rough-cut the curved arc on a bandsaw, then used a circle jig on my router to clean up the cut.
Thin board with routed channel for an adjustable trammel for any router that takes mounting plates (3 or more countersunk screw holes).
Set the router to the proper depth, and make a slow pass through the work piece, using the nail as a pivot point (image 2). There was something similar to this that let you cut out very large (but perfect) circles using a bandsaw.

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