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A bevelled edge lines the glass top perimeter of the dining table from the San Vicente collection. In a walnut finish, shapely pedestals offer leg room and artistic relief around this dining table. Our dining room sets are a great way to enjoy quality time with family and friends in a relaxed and stylish way. If you like a toned down, relaxed and casual decor with the touches of modern sophistication and Art Decor styling, this dining room Set will perfectly meet your description, as well as ensure that your family guests appreciate and enjoy your decorating efforts.

Respectfully nodding to the past whilst looking into the future, the dining room set has a simple design with modern sophistication.
Curved in toward the table’s center, these pedestals give the dining room a contemporary allure. Pick your new dining room furniture below!For up-to-date information and additional product discounts, please visit our official webstore. Designed with chrome and white gloss finishes this dining room set will bring sophistication into your lifestyle.

The purpose of this design is to rebuild the old one into a new building which has more facilities and make a separation between the bedrooms.

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