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Reconstituted Rosewood Veneer, flat cut flexible 10 mil paper backed WiseWood Veneer sheet 4x8. Reconstituted flat cut rosewood veneer, also known as engineered flat cut rosewood veneer or manmade santos rosewood veneer is typically an orange tinged rust brown color with dark chocolate brown streaks. This piece, unlike my veneer pieces below and the web pics, shows clearly why this was named Dalbergia nigra (nigra means black). Keep in mind that we do not artificially enhance the character or grain of our veneer images. This veneer can be ordered with a custom layup on paper backing to make veneering a large panel even easier.

Jason, the Bolivian rosewood has a much smaller pore ( smaller than birch) than Brazilian Rosewood. Featured veneers might be old favorites or something that we've never stocked before and haven't added it to our standard line yet.
It is commonly known as Honduran Rosewood, Andes, Pao Rosa, Bolivian, Caviuna, Jacaranda pardo, pau ferro, jacaranda amarello and caroba. Flat cut reconstituted rosewood veneer normally is not graded because it is manmade and has no defects.
The number of sheets included in this lot is listed above and the measurement shown is of each sheet in this lot.

Flat cut engineered rosewood veneer boasts a uniformly colored cathedral grain pattern with a smooth texture. Reconstituted flat cut rosewood veneer is ideal for projects that require a large number of consistent sheets.
It is much easier when I have the whole tree to work with as opposed to getting a few veneers from the other side of the world.

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