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The first picture below represents the most thorough rocket mass heater design I have ever seen. If you sign up for the dailyish email right now, you will get the most popular Rocket Mass Heater design plans on the market, The 6" Annex Variation! Measure the temperature and volume of the smoke leaving a conventional wood stove (very hot and a large volume) and compare that to the exhaust of a rocket mass heater (a little more than room temperature and a trickle).
If these rocket stoves are of interest of you, the smartest next step is probably to get a set of plans that closely resembles what you are thinking of designing.
These have been the all time most popular plans up to date.They are for an L-shaped heated bench. These plans are for a duct-heated, small heater that warms an 11 x 11 (120 sf) guest cottage in Portland, OR.

This plan is for a duct-heated compact 8" diameter rocket mass heater, with a 3.5' x 9' footprint on concrete slab floor. As I was designing my portable rocket mass heater innovations, I called Ernie and Erica several times. Come on out to the rocket stoves forum to talk about rocket mass heaters, wood heat, heating water, and gobs more stuff.
Covering rocket mass heaters, rocket stoves, hot water and a collection of techniques to make wood burning stoves about ten times more efficient. Shanleya's Quest is a truly unique educational book that presents botanical concepts and plant identification skills in an easy and fun metaphorical format for children as well as adults who are young at heart. Ernie and Erica usually sell these bad boys for 15 dollars but they are sharing this info with you in hopes of building support for their upcoming kickstarter which will bring rocket mass heater knowledge to millions of people!

These plans are proven designs that Ernie and Erica Wisner, the leading rocket stove innovators, have developed and tested. Our Builder's Guide offers specific, step-by-step building instructions and dimensions for our most popular type of rocket mass heater (an 8" design with J-type firebox), and detailed technical appendices covering various design and materials options.

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