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How can I buy one of these tables 207-431-0523.Asian enclosed living room in San Francisco with beige walls, a standard fireplace and no tv.
Longleaf Lumber - Salvaged Redwood Slab Table Your browser is ancient! Closer examination shows an abundance of detail in the pieces surrounding the dining table — scroll work in the console table, the intricate carvings in the wall-hung panels and the contemporary styling of the ladder-back chairs work well with the simplicity and pure heftiness of this table.This is an example of a contemporary dining room in Atlanta with white walls. The steel-base dining table, which separates the living room and kitchen, is topped with a slab of pecan from the property’s felled tree.

The beautiful slab dining table was custom designed by Warner and her team at Redmond Aldrich Design. Since I was making the table from scratch, not only could I choose the exact dimensions, I could also create a specific shape. One of the most interesting things about natural wood slab tables is the cracks and knot holes present in the wood.
After digging through wedding and honeymoon photos and experimenting with several possible shapes for the edge of the table, we landed on this picture of the two of us in our wedding clothes in the middle of the desert in Big Bend.

Of course, what started as irony quickly turned in to an obsessive quest to make the perfect table.

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