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1b- setup a cut on the table saw after one edge has been cut, and cut the same length in multiple passes. I cut my pvc on a table saw using a jig to keep the PVC from rotating while pushing it through and ran it through multiple times. For glues, if you rough the PVC up with sandpaper, I've had good luck with two part Epoxy.
Anyone with ideas--Mike included--please chime in so I can get to work cutting up some pipe! If you make the paper strip just long enough to wrap around exactly once, then fold it in half, you can use the crease as a guide to locate the 180 degree position around the pipe. I recently got a cheapo sliding miter saw, so I'm sure it will do the trick--rotating the pipe once or twice to complete the cut. It is also helpful to have a wooden board to spring open the PVC Pipe while you are pulling the carpet onto the pipe.

2- you'll need to mount the PVC in a right-angle-jig, and use a drill-press, or one of the free-standing drillers for hand-helds to get a right-perp hole.
I thought that I'd clamp a wooden stop just beyond the blade, and rotate the pipe on my table saw. It comes off PVC (unsanded) rather easily on the exterior if you don't hit it with glue too hard. To keep it from sliding left or right during the cut, I cobbled together a rough circumferential clamp to ride against the edge of the table saw extension. I tried a mitre saw (that I took all the safety equipment off of to accomodate the size of the PVC, don't recommend doing that) and table saw (which spun the PVC, wish I'd asked Dan for help).
You will need to make several passes with the saw as the plastic has a tendency to flex closed each time. I taped the pipe to a miter guage, supported the loose end of the pipe on a table saw outfeed roller, and shoved it through.

You place the pvc in this jig and push the jig through the table saw or use the jig to drill holes with a drill press.
Superglue works well for gluing PVC, so long as you have the cheaper non-foam-safe-variety. This was about the right amount I found to leave a grove in the PVC pipe that would fit my carpet sample and still hold it closed. For marking holes accurately before drilling, I've used strips of paper about 3" wide wrapped around the pipe.

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