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These great full and partial privacy fence options will make it possible for you to kick back, relax, and truly enjoy your outdoor space.I.
Post should be secured 36 inches deep to avoid cracking in a cold snap.Vinyl Privacy FencesVinyl fences are a great option if you would rather not have to worry about the rotting or bug problems that are associated with a wooden privacy fence. In her town, many vinyl fences need to be replaced after every major storm due to wind damage. She suggests selecting a vinyl design that incorporates spacing between the boards to allow for wind flow.Privacy Fence EnhancersHometalk members never fail to disappoint when it comes to life hacks.
Melissa came up with this fabulous, privacy-enhancing design as a way around her neighborhood's fence restrictions.

The taller structure sits insider her yard and connects to the original, not so private fence with diagonal boards. Make your utilitarian backyard perimeter as fabulous as you by adding decorative fence toppers and other fence details like these installed by Southern Trillium. Partial Privacy FencesIf your neighborhood has stringent fence restrictions or you just aren't ready for a full on fencing project yet, you can still create some instant privacy with these strategic privacy fence options.Door and Shutter Privacy FencingDoors or shutters can take on new lives as beautiful partial fencing.
You can achieve the look andget a little privacy between your patio and the wide open world with a curtained arbor or pergola. Major props to her for making these the privacy boards do double duty by nailing up seat cushions.Balcony Privacy Fence via Engineer Your SpaceYou could also carve out a little personal space using vines and lattice, like Hometalk member Katie.

You'll get enjoyable, extra use from this privacy fence option if you have a green city thumb and can grow wine grape vines or hops!Green Balcony Privacy Fence via Upcycled TreasuresNow that you've reclaimed your backyard, get out and start a garden or build your own fire pit!

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