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If the item qualifies for Free Standard Shipping, but your order contains other ineligible items, you will be charged shipping fees for those ineligible items. Accurately planing wood down to Accuracy is extremely important when planing in your workshop. A woodworking project that will help you in your shop for years to come, this mobile cart is the perfect companion for your benchtop planer. Steel City Tools 13" 40200H Deluxe planers come in both one and two speed models with 26 easy to rotate, change and maintain four-edge knives. Most home shops jointers are 6" or 8" wide, but planers and a lot of stock are 12", so Woodworker's Journal editor Rob Johnstone makes the case for a 12" jointer. General International's 30-125 CE M1 stationary planer offers good value, with a large panel and powerful cutters that produce a smooth cut.

This is a nice planer that was taken in on trade on a new 24" planer from one of my customers. This heavy duty planer offers performance and value, loaded with standard features not found on other machines in its class.
Combination hardware can save room and add versatility to your shop, like these jointer and planer combination tables from Delta and Jet. It's among the most expensive stationary planers on the market, but Powermatic's 15HH planer's smooth cutting knives are worth the price. An upgrade over standard bench top planers, a 15" planer can find a place in home workshops that do a lot of large lumber production jobs. The JET JWP-15DX planer offers good variety with a caster base, two speeds and clean planing, quick-changing cutters at an affordable price.

The Delta 22-790X 15" stationary planer offers a solid upgrade of their 22-780X model, with fast, clean cutting blades for perfect planing. Expert Sandor Nagyszalanczy provides some tips on how to best perform maintenance on your benchtop planer is very important to many projects, so maintaining your planer to keep working properly is key.
Maximum Planing Width: 25" Powermatic 209 20" 1-Phase 5-Horsepower 230V Planer 1791296 NEWAuthorized Seller.

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