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I would disagree mildly (in the workout sense) Though I agree completely that I would rather be doing any woodworking task than walking on a treadmill. For the last decade I’ve had the privilege of teaching woodworking students all over the world about hand tools. Chris is a contributing editor to Popular Woodworking Magazine and the publisher at Lost Art Press. I am just a neophite here but my entire interest in woodworking came when I was given my first dilapitated radial arm saw and made it work for me. Last summer I attended a class at Marc Adams School of woodworking taught by Megan Fitzpatrick who made her tools available for the students to use much like you. I try to be transparent about my financial dealings in the woodworking world – that’s why I don’t take free tools, wood, classes or … anything.

But F+W uses that information as a way to measure how popular this blog is, and I am certain the information helps determine if they want to continue paying me to blog.
Merry Christmas to you Megan and to you CS – thanks for the two new books from LAP on my shelf too!!!
If you stick with woodworking long enough you’ll develop your own preferences that work best for you, your material and projects. And Megan, you are right, if you woodwork 4 or 5 days per week for 6-8 hours per day it will certainly keep you in shape. I DEFINITELY don’t need the headaches this post is going to cause ME from having to wade through every sillytonian comment it will generate in the woodworking web world about the inferiority of old tools.
For those of us who don’t get to do what we love for a living, reading your blog usually makes the tear soaked stains on out pillowcases each night a little less bitter.

So if you like this blog and wish it to continue, using links that I post here is a vote for the blog to continue.
In the meantime, I really enjoy these DVDs by Peter Ross that show how woodworking tools and hardware are made by hand. All my woodworking tools are low dollar yard sale tools and I love the feeling when I have made them usable, even if they arnt pretty. It’s working smart, working appropriately for typical woodworking projects and maximising time.

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