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Pocket hole basics – how screws work, why they hold so well and what's needed to drill holes. When I heard that Taunton Press, parent of Fine Woodworking magazine, was going to launch a book about pocket hole joinery, I felt the need to buy it.
Some fine woodworkers have a hard time calling a piece made with pocket screws “fine” – I have heard at least three of the staff writers at Fine Woodworking talk with concern about this joinery method.
Given how specialized the tools are for pocket-hole joinery, some woodworkers have balked at using the technique for projects. If you like this project, please check out our 230+ paper and downloadable woodworking project plans at the WOOD Store. So drilling pocket holes in the bottom shelf frames of a display stand I recently made didn't present a problem. Lathes without clutches, hydraulic pocket screw joinery systems, refrigeration units since I have a very small shop, I stored this saw.

Learn to use pocket hole joinery with step-by-step instructions and over 275 photographs and illustrations. Author Mark Edmundson trained at the renowned College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program. For me, this joinery method is so dang simple and fast, it is hard not to use pocket screws. I wanted to see how a book from a company which writes about fine woodworking would approach this joinery method. Nowadays, the dedicated jigs for drilling pocket holes are very affordable, but reader David Brunson of London, Tennessee, came up with a router table jig for the same purpose. On the end grain of the piece of wood that will be drilled for a pocket hole, mark the exit point of the screw.
Simply drill a series of holes -- without assistance from a jig -- that form a pocket hole.

This keeps the jig tracking in a straight line when routing, letting you make functional pockets. If you have access to special pocket-hole screws, you can drive them right into most woods. Hide or decoratively accent your exposed Pocket-Holes with these high quality trimmable solid-wood plugs. And usually, that's not a problem -- you just substitute another form of joinery, say biscuits or dowels, in place of the pocket screws.
But, if you're working with a dense wood, or using conventional screws, you'll need to drill pilot holes into the undrilled workpiece.

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