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In these tough economic times, it's tempting to skimp on solid wood and opt for plywood to save a few pennies.
Take our poll, check out our list of tips for working with plywood, and then weigh in with a comment below.
Veneered plywood works well in built-ins, panels, or even large tabletops since it doesn’t fall prey to wood movement in the way that solid panels do. For instance, Mark Edmundson created this freestanding cabinet to take advantage of the benefits of plywood.
Mario Rodriguez, in 6 Ways to Edge Plywood, even ranks plywood innovations right up there next to the invention of the tablesaw. When it is time to make something really fine, I will go with solid wood, although I have to admit that the back or bottom may end up being plywood.
For Arts and Craft or Mission styles, plywood is a great alternative for hardwoods in panels and large shelves.
I know on the edges it needs banding of some sort but I do wonder about applying a veneer over a hardwood plywood. BUT what I enjoy most is designing and constructing what I consider "fine furniture." And I just refuse to be constricted to the right angles and flat surfaces designing around plywood requires. Designing around plywood means no gentle swoops in the surface, extra seams, no fluid edge treatments.

I've used plywood for things like bathroom shelves, where there is a high humidity factor and find that cutting slightly over-size then coating the sanded edges with multiple coats of Titebond III, sanding between coats, gives me a uniform surface that resists separation, sands well and has a good appearance even without banding, when painted. Many have talked about breaking plywood down with a circular saw before using the table saw, and I do this extensively. With thicker, stronger materials, premium construction, and outstanding features, the Classic Deluxe Option can make your kitchen remarkably sturdy and incredibly durable.
Consider adding furniture grade plywood throughout construction for durability and a furniture quality. An available option for standard construction glass door cabinets, glass front doors with a matching interior put the focus on your favorite display pieces.
SoftAction+® feature standard on all Merillat Deluxe (DELUX) and Merillat Deluxe Optional Plywood (MDP) hardwood dovetail drawers with concealed under-mount guide system.
Mark Edmundson created this freestanding piece using special techniques to overcome the inherent drawbacks of using plywood.
And, plywood covered with nice hardwood veneer and some solid-wood edging gives it the feel of a solid-wood piece.
But I prefer to make cabinets out of plywood (except for face frames & door frames) because its simpler and faster than gluing up large panels from solid wood. The stability of plywood works for me in these applications, and I think a decent grade of plywood actually is better for drawer bottoms than solid wood.

Sorry, it just doesn't work for me in "fine furniture," except maybe for backs or drawer bottoms. Even in this economy using plywood to save a dime on the front can mean a rapid cheapening of the value of woodworking. With the exception of a mini-lathe and drill press my shop is entirely hand powered and plywood just doesn't work terribly well with hand tools. But the whole concept of "fine furniture" has to do with the eye of the beholder, which is based on the skill of the craftsman who built it. Saving a dime up front can quickly mean loosing a dollar later - quality and lasting construction both in the construction and finish; resale value (if that is what you are doing), etc.
The glue is really hard on saw blades, plane irons and chisels and I don't think most traditional joinery would work well with plywood. I have only started woodworking in the last two years and the quality of my work is not up to the standards of what I consider "fine furniture" and it has very little to do with the materials I use.

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