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Gardeners will dig these DIY potting bench plans for increasing their outdoor garden storage.
These versatile DIY potting bench plans show you how to build the entire project as shown, or you can choose to construct only the bench (lower section) or cabinet (upper section).
Do-it-yourselfers can build the potting bench only, or keep hammering and finish it with a garden storage cabinet.
These practical DIY potting bench plans are among the 76 ingenious ideas offered in his DIY guide The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects. If you build both the table and the cabinet, your potting bench will be 80 inches high, 84 inches wide and about 29 inches deep.
These DIY potting bench plans will let you work at a comfortable height, and will provide a central place for stashing your hand tools and supplies. The materials and cutting lists are divided into bench and cabinet sections so you can build only one component if that’s all you need.

If you’re building an outdoor potting bench, choose cedar or another rot-resistant lumber.
Make the space between the leg blocks wide enough to tightly sandwich the platform and slats that will fit between. Check to make sure the openings on the ends of the top platform will accommodate your tubs. Make sure the platform frames are square, and then install the 1-by-6 slats (H) using 8d galvanized nails. Lay the two back legs on a solid, flat surface, and fit the bottom platform into the notches you created between the blocks. But first, refer to the cabinet materials and cutting lists.Build the Outdoor Garden Storage Cabinet5. With the garden storage cabinet still on its back and the doors in place, secure the doors to the cabinet using 3-inch hinges — two hinges per door.

Install pulls for opening the doors and a hasp for keeping them shut.Join the Storage Cabinet to the Potting Table11. With the bench on its back, position the cabinet on the back legs (A) 14 inches above the top platform. To stop the soil or potting materials in the tubs from turning into mud, save the plastic tops and snap them in place when you’re finished for the day.

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