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After using a cheap plastic card table as my only table for nearly two years I decided it was time for a change. I used my Domino to cut mortises in the pieces and then glued them together with tenons in place. Nice appearance but some alternatives to the Domino for the majority of viewers would have been nice as most folks can't afford Festool. Thanks for posting step-by-step - I was so impressed with your table that I decided to try it myself. Yeesh - for what you paid for a Festool saw and guide, you COULD have bought a jointer - lol.
I did the same thing this winter, but I used large biscuit joints and an old sewing machine base for the legs. Your reclaimed wood table with ikea legs beats the hell out of my ikea wood table with ikea legs! The completed rustic harvest-style dining table built from reclaimed wood planks and gutters.
Run planks though the planer, stripping a small amount of wood from each side as you plane.
If planks are slightly cupped or twisted, have them planed at a local millwork shop or borrow a tabletop planer and tackle the job yourself.

About 30 years ago I had a wool-sorting table in our old woolshed - used for shearing sheep here in Aus - and the table was falling apart (100 years old or more by then) so I reclaimed the wood from it and made a somewhat rustic dining table. While the board is going through the planer, manually adjust the depth of the cut to compensate for irregular thickness (or twist) over the board’s length.
Keep belt perpendicular to plank joints and move back and forth in a direction parallel to joints. If no other options exist, sand the tabletop with a wide-belt hand-held sander after planks are joined. I also used reclaimed wood to make this table so it's a bit cooler looking (and environmentally friendly!).The finished product is heavy, but not too bad. The Arm-R-Seal is an excellent choice for fir, heart pine, or virtually any hardwood but 3-5 coats on a porous species of wood will build depth, aid in cleaning, and help (somewhat) toughen the top from denting and scratching. Their saw fits perfectly into a metal guide that I can line up with the edge of the wood (or any edge I want). Wood can be dried in a kiln (ask your local lumber mill) or stored inside through the winter. Watch out for and pull nails out of material before loading in a car or truck so reclaimed wood will stack better.
It’s been a great piece, but we decided to start looking again for something a bit more us and better suited for our ever-evolving living space.

We found a fabulous slab of reclaimed curly redwood at our favorite lumber store in Arcata, CA. They came from this 25' piece of wood that they were nice enough to cut into pieces for me.As far as other consumables go you'll need some wood glue, tenons (or biscuits), and some table legs. If time does not permit, stack wood in a hot dry place with 1" spacers between layers. We decided to make our own coffee table, this way we will have exactly what we’re looking for in a table and enjoy the benefits of making our own! You can hurt yourself or damage the board or planer if you do not manually adjust as you go. I’m thinking we will stick with the hairpin legs, but might try another wood material.
Next, rip boards on a table saw to create straight edges; planks do not have to be identical in width.

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