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Then, of course, there’s the matter of the built-in ironing board that is going in next to that off-center window and the rolling ladder… so the closet is only mostly done!
You can draw you plans by hand or use a computer program which is very helpful when you’re messing around with dozens of different design options for a single space.
Before you start drawing up design options for your closet,  consider everything you want to STORE in it and HOW you want to store those items. Try to account for EVERYTHING you want to store and how you want to store them all.  Then figure out what size you need to build each storage section based on the size of the items that will be stored them. Now that know how you want to store all the items you need to store in your closet, you can start designing the storage areas. On your floorplan, divide your closet design into logical sections and start creating design options. Depending on the length of each wall, you will have decided how many separate built-in sections you will need to build.

When planning your built-ins, keep in mind how high you can comfortable reach when deciding where to store the items you use most.
I create a plan for each cabinet in the built-in configuration making sure to label which cabinet it is and what I intend to store in it.
After I draw up plans for all my cabinets, I create a cut list so I can maximize my materials and get the least waste possible. Sometimes this means going back and making a whole bunch of changes to a whole bunch of plans. Of course, it isn’t always possible to use every scrap of material in your project but looking at all your options can save you a bit of money if you are able to think creatively and are willing to take the extra time to look for options if you see that making minor adjustments to your design could save you a considerable amount of money in materials.
It might feel funny to do it, but role playing in your make believe closet could just save you from making a terrible error that you would not have noticed until the cabinets were built otherwise. I generally have the overall design plan mapped out before I start building but will wait to draw up build plans for the next phase of cabinets until the first phase is installed.

I hope you enjoy creating a functional built-in closet that is just as beautiful as it is useful! If you don’t want to do your own planning and just want my master closet design files, you can purchase them below as well as my Cabinet Building 101 eBook to help you get started building the built-in closet of your dreams!
We built the drawers using the drawer tutorial, cut the plywood using the styrofoam under the sheet to save the table and help guide the kreg jig, and installed the drawer glides using the jig technique. Unfortunately we have too many angles in the space that is our closet but I will have to find a design that maximizes the space. Take a seat and cruise on over to her blog for this makeover, and her well behaved kitties.

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