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As a little girl I had few toys, but some of my best memories are that of my wooden rocking horse. The Tori rocking horse is rather compact even when unfolded, but it only takes a few seconds to have it folded down to stow away seamlessly under a bed.
After shopping for gifts for my little niece, I was amazed at how poorly made and potentially dangerous some toys are today. Unlike most rocking horses that tend to take up a lot of space, this rocking horse can easily be folded to make it more compact.
Some toys that claim to be green are not as eco-friendly at you might think once you do some digging. Our small living quarters made that next to impossible though, there is only room for so much large kids toys.
Their selection of wooden toys is pretty incredible and the modern designs are very attractive to both parents and kids.

You'll find everything from dollhouses and cars, to rattles and educational toys for preschoolers. To also prevent this rocking horse from accidentally closing on a child, it has a built in stopper. With all the toys on the market today, I think parents should know that there are eco-friendly, long-lasting toy options out there, being one of the reasons I created my list of 25 eco-friendly toys for kids. Since the Tori Rocking horse does require some simple assembly, make sure that you follow all the directions when putting together this cute rocking horse, for safety’s sake! Children can easily be knights, off to fight a monster or a princess, riding her favorite horse! While some parents have talked about putting children as young as one on this horse, it is recommended by the manufacturer that children should be at least two years old before riding the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse – largely to prevent unnecessary injuries. Things get even better if you have multiple children playing in a playroom since the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse helps build social skills and encourage sharing.

Which is not to say that this toy is unsafe; the rocking horse has a wider seat than many other rocking horses on the market. One toy that has been getting quite a bit of attention this Christmas season is the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse. The wider seat and frame gives the horse more stability, preventing your child from falling over with the horse.

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