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There's nothing better than a good, cold brewski—unless that beer comes from your very own pirate chest cooler. Here is a nice idea we think you might like: transform your ordinary cooler into a DIY treasure chest cooler! It’s a regular beer cooler modded with wood, some hardware, a water spigot, and other pirate-y type adornments. Of course, it would be better if your pirate chest was full of gold, but this has got to be the next best thing (though, maybe you can have both).Redditor ShutUpLori turned a regular 52qt cooler into a pirate chest using some plywood, door hinges, and a few small pieces (lock, handles, and nail covers) easily found on Google.

This particular type of cooler we are about to show you is perfect for trips to the beach, where a pirate theme is always suitable. The chest cooler not that heavy as it looks, but you might want to install handles on it for when you need to go on a picnic and the cooler must hold all of your beers and meat at a chilly temperature. Bear in mind that you don’t glue the cooler to the wooden chest, but use the latter as a storage unit. That’s why the size of the wooden encasing should only be a bit bigger than the cooler itself.

You could stick some pirate decorations to it, in order to give the chest a more authentic feel. For the lid, this is going to actually stick out of the top cover of the wooden chest, so build it with the lid of the cooler closed on.

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